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  • Maybe I should have asked more specific questions.

    How do you like the colors?
    How do you like the left & right columns?
    How do you like the content?
    Does it feel to cluttered?

    Overall experience.

    Value of the site for you?

    Thank you guys, really appreciate your input.

    WP Rules!!


    The site is far too cluttered with ads; There are 15(!) distinct ad sections. In addition, the header logo has that 1994 3d glow feel to it which is perhaps not the look that you’re going for.

    It’s a shame as the site has potential; I’d suggest having a look at how engadget and gizmodo have successfully tapped into the tech news market.

    Thank you, just the feedback I was looking for. I am still fiddling with what the best setup could be.
    Just wish I could get more feedback.


    Hi, I like the title. I like the colors and especially the header.

    However, it does feel cluttered, like I’m trying to find the articles in the classifieds. I think you need to vary the text sizes a bit more to make headers and content stand out from the clutter.

    Hello Stfarm, in case you are still receiving comments, let me tell you I really like the concept of the site, the one column with two sidebars. I am not a designer, nor a programmer, only a writer. But here it goes:

    It seems you need a “gutter” or some margin on the main column, the left side of the blog. The letters begin way to close to the left margin of the blog; also, the blog’s margins could be “embelished” by some gradient effect, and in any case the divisory line should be finer IMHO, the line that’s there now it’s just too thick and black. Make it softer and add some margin.

    Also, there is too much space between the main column and the neighboring sidebar, it’s pretty glaring to me to see on the one hand the lack of margin on the left, and on the other too much margin on the right… it’s as though the text of the main column needs to be “centered” so that it has a nice margin on each side.

    A very thin “hair” of a line should probably be added to divide the two sidebars, because right now the lack of a clear frontier makes it messy, depending of how thick is the ad on each side bar. Also, I don’t think the horizontal lines separating the myriad ads on the sidebars are very good… I would eliminate them completely, and add the dividing thin line between sidebars. Perhaps a slight coloring or background shade could be added to both sidebars for clarity. Look at the relaxation theme here, it uses the shade to separate the two sidebars very nicely:

    Finally, the top header image is not integrated, looks too flat, perhaps rounding the borders a bit a la Kubrick with some white, or like in the relaxation theme. As it is now it looks a bit raw, like added as an afterthought.

    I really like your theme, so this critique is in self-interest, as I would like to have a copy of it 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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