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  • whooami



    i absolutely love it, but then Im a sucker for anything thats not plain old white/light blue/yadda yadda yadda 🙂

    wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many blogs look the same to me, color sets you apart, I think it looks awesome 🙂

    Nice blog, keep it up!

    Very cool indeed….


    Oops, commented immediately on your site and almost forgot to comment here. Love it. I think it’s impossible to not get happy looking at it 😉

    I like it, it glows. Nothing wrong with pink.
    I’m just not too sure about looking at those vertical lines for too long. It almost makes me sea-sick, it’s casting some kind of optical illusion. But maybe it’s just my bad eyes.

    I’m trying to hypnotize you with the stripes! 😀

    Thanks for the nice words guys.

    The design is great. I like the alternating navigation boxes. Looks fine is Safari 1.3.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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