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  • Down-rating due to lack of user-friendliness.

    Without learning CSS first, the plug-in is difficult to use, as the makers assume that everybody has their skill-level.

    Geek-speak example:

    In Font Awesome 4 Menus, we have added the ability to add multiple Font Awesome classes for multiple effects (eg, fa-home fa-fw fa-2x will add a fixed-width home icon at two times the normal size).

    IMHO the idea behind WordPress was to enable people to publish without coding-skills.

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  • Not really one to criticize other users reviews but this one is completely due to user reading comprehension. The plugin has already instructed in the docs to use the classes fa-home etc and your quote is saying use these classes together if you want. It’s not as difficult or “geek speak” as you’re making it out to be. It’s literally, “Add this to your menu, or add multiple.”

    Also, the idea behind WordPress is to publish without coding skills, but the extensibility of the CMS goes far beyond the layman. Are you going to go complain in the WordPress migrate plugin tools because you don’t know server administration? Not all plugins are meant for you. Come on, stop giving poor reviews unfairly.

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