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  • I’m stuck – making progress, but am having a difficult time determining which .php needs to be changed so I can put my own header on this page, using the Gear theme…. can someone help? Thanks!

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  • Hi

    If you mean replace the black background in your header with an image, you can do it like this

    The code appears to be in your header.php file, although it could be in another file that is being included in your header.php file.

    The line of code is this one

    .header {
       background: black url( repeat-x scroll 0 0;

    put the image you want in the background in the images folder in your theme file /wp-content/themes/{themename}/images
    and replace header-pattern.gif with the new file’s filename.

    The line is NOT in your style.css theme file.

    thank you! I am redoing that header now to get rid of the other (hopefully).

    One last thing I am stuck on is how to get rid of the tabs at the top (home, welcome, photography, news, photos, etc…) They are in my side bar. I don’t need them at the top, too.

    thanks for taking the time to reply. My head is pounding from trying to get this one figured out. I’m not fluent in php.


    Good, glad that helped.

    The easiest way to get rid of the whole Nav bar under the header is to change the CSS of that section so it no longer is visible. It will still be there but no one will see it. An advantage of this approach is if you change you mind in the future it is very easy to get it to come back.

    in your style.css file find this on line 405

    .menu {
      background:transparent url(images/menu-pattern.gif) repeat-x scroll 0 0;

    add one more line within the braces: display: none

    on the header image CSS i sent you earlier – make one more change – in that line of code change repeat-x to no-repeat (This assumes your header background image will be filling the whole header area)

    Upload the changed file and the nav bar will be gone.

    I wish you the best with your work…

    I don’t mind the gray in there for the padding between the black bg and the “Welcome” in the white box – just want the links to go away. I tried what you suggested but it didn’t work – it was VERY close, though. Still trying…..

    Can you think of something else I can try, just to make the links go away? I do like the gray space.

    Just put the display: none in this group instead. It leaves the empty grey background in place.

    .menu-wrapper {

    Good morning, the display:none did take away the links that were showing – but – for some reason, it also made my calendar, which is on the right side in the widget, spread across the entire bottom of the page. So, for the time being, I put it back. Not sure what the calendar had to do with it.

    Also – when making it display:none, the gray are between the black bg (header) and the body (white box with “welcome) completely disappeared too, so the black was right snug with the Welcome…..

    still plugging away! thanks for sticking with me on this! 🙂


    Paste the contents of your header.php file in a pastbin here and post the URL they give you

    I’m back to stuck again on this one.

    My new header is created and in the correct folder. Still having difficulty locating the place to change from the black header bg to my newly created .jpg Template is “Gear.”

    What’s in there now is “header-pattern.gif” – but I can’t figure out which php file it is in.

    The site is located here:

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Also – any suggestions to spice up the site? Although I am not new to website design, I am new to WP, and not sure what I can do when working with a template. Any ideas for sprucing up this site? What I can add, what I can change? Still not able to get the header in place.

    Check out I modified the heck out of it. Still under a bit of construction.

    To change the header image choose the drops (dark) from the Gear Setting and then replace the image with one of your own using the same name. If you are going to use the wide version you will need to resize to 940px.

    As far as increasing the height I had to add a few BRs to the head.php file. I am not a coder so some of my solutions are not graceful. 🙂

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