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  • Hi GiveWP Team,
    at first thank you for your wonderful plugin!

    I’ve read the blog post from 2018 regarding GDPR on your official site: it is good that you care about these things already, but I would love to see some improvements in the core plugin.

    1) Make consent/checkbox field explicitely for the privacy policy and please integrate with the privace policy page WordPress Core already has.
    Reason: most of the time an organisation ALREADY has a valid privacy policy and it is already in place, PLUS, additional has ALREADY terms of use in place. To merge these legal documents is not recommended and therefore not possible.

    Even if this will result in 2 checkboxes for the user (which no one likes, I know!!!), in some countries/areas or cases you have no other chance as to execute it that way. Please offer the options in Give Core, additionally to your great terms of use feature, also for consent/checkbox for privacy policy.

    2) Integrate with WordPress Core privacy tools for exporting and deleting user data – any data that Give collects that is not needed for taxes should be able to delete with these Core tools. And, additionally, all user-facing data should be able to export for the user also. This is currently not possible as of my knowledge (I tried it).
    The best would be, to have this option in Give settings to explicitely enable WordPress Core Privacy Tools integration/support. To these users who totally need this in their country are able to use it, with WordPress core tools. One perfect role model example is, how Gravity Forms is doing it: I can even activate this integration on a per form basis, and even decide which field should be part of the integration. Something like that would be awesome for Give.

    Both above things should be part of Give Core in my opinion. And for any Give Add-On if it has features that regard GDPR/privacy then should integrate with this system of Give & WordPress Core.

    Thanks in advance!

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