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  • Plugin Contributor Christine


    Thanks for reaching out, Klaus, and thank you for your compliment. We would love it if you would take a few moments to leave us a review when you have a chance if you haven’t already.

    Social Warfare does not collect ANY personal data from the people who visit your site and click on a share button. Our buttons are merely utilizing the 3rd party share APIs of the respective networks. As soon as someone clicks a Social Warfare share button, everything that occurs after that click is handled by the social network’s API.

    Our UTM tracking feature merely adds a string to the end of a shared URL so that Google Analytics can record that traffic data–Warfare Plugins does not receive, record, or track ANY of that data.

    Our click-tracking feature is merely a Google Analytics event, which, again, is recorded by Google Analytics, not Social Warfare.

    So it is without question that Social Warfare has full compliance with GDPR because we don’t track a single thing.

    Thanks so much,

    Thanks Christine!
    The usual social media buttons transmit the user data to Facebook & Co. with every page request and provide the social networks with exact information about their surfing behavior (user tracking). You do not have to be logged in to be a member of the network. On the other hand, a GDPR conform button does not establish direct contact between social network and visitors until the latter actively clicks on the share button.

    This way, Social Warfare must prevent from leaving a digital trail on every page you visit and improves privacy. Only then you can like, + 1en or tweet – the social network does not get more information.

    So this is a must for GDPR compliance!

    What do you think?

    Plugin Contributor Christine


    I am not sure I understand Klaus; however, it is my understanding that Social Warfare is GDPR compliant. I am going to ping one of our founders, Dustin Stout, to see if he can answer your question.

    Plugin Contributor Dustin W. Stout


    Hi, @klausharms. As we’ve said, no action is taken, nor data transferred until a button is clicked.

    So, again, Social Warfare is GDPR compliant, and always has been. The only scripts loaded to page by Social Warfare is the Social Warfare script. This is how we keep page load time at a minimum.

    Sorry for my english I’m french.
    I used social Wafare 🙂

    You’d better have a look at this article.

    “More and more websites use like-buttons from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. However, these buttons send information to these social networks even if the user doesn’t click them, but even if they are just present on a webpage. This way these networks are able to track which websites users are visiting and are able to build fairly complete browser histories of their users. Because this is neither what a user might expect nor what many website operators that embed like-buttons want, this alternative way of using these social services was developed.”

    after I read this article, I ask myself the question even if your plugin is or not RGPD/GDPR 🙁

    May be your Social Warfare script can put a small button ( Accept/green or not/red) under each social button before share and send information to FB/ google+…..

    Normaly near all socials buttons and Youtube, vimeo…., we should
    see a button [accept /or not].

    for me the good question is:
    Do we need to download on our website another extension RGPD/GDPR plugin who do this and work with differents socials plugins
    or is it the responsability of the social warfare to offer this new function to be real in accordance with the regulations?

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    Plugin Contributor Dustin W. Stout


    I don’t know how much more clearly we can state this to everyone, but I will try to restate as best as I can:

    Everything you’ve read about social share buttons and GDPR are things our team is aware of. And everything in these articles does not apply to the implementation by Social Warfare due to our methodology.

    We’ve sought legal counsel. Consulted with professionals. We’ve read hours worth of GDPR documentation and guides.

    Social Warfare is and always has been GDPR compliant.

    Hello Dustin,
    ok thanks to confirm 🙂

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