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  • The new GDPR in Europe requires us to reauthorize all Subscribers. How can this be done? I thought I could simply set all subscribers to unconfirmed and then resend the confirmation mail. Any way to bulk resend the confirmation mail?

    Furthermore GDPR requires all webmasters to log the Double Opt-In confirmation date. NOT only the Join date as ths is just the date where the inquiry is sent in the first place.

    Please advidse hwo to comply with GDPR! Thanks!

    Urgent :O

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  • We face the same problem and I just figured out a solution for the first part:

    You can resend the confirmation link in a regular mail to all subscribers with the template tag:


    It will be replaced with the individual confirmation link. After sending you need to quickly set all subscribers to “unconfirmed” and hope that your subscribers re-subscribe.

    The second part is still tricky and I yet haven’t found a solution for that without hacking the plugin by myself.

    Thanks. Found this as well. And I am sure I have found a solution for the second thing also. Because there is a change date that is logged when someone changes the status. So this is going to be ok I guess. It can only be seen in the right table in the database but it is there. Still the IP is not logged. But I guess that’s OK.

    Plugin Author Josh Lyford


    Hi Everyone,

    These are things we are also still actively working on so please send alone any request that will help make things easier.

    One of the other places you can look for date on subscribe is the _sendpress_subscribers_tracker table. A row with a status of 4 is someone clicking the confirm link in an email.

    We are working on a bulk set unconfirmed and resend but it is not yet finished.


    Hey Josh, thanks for the official reply.

    There is just one issue with the “*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*” I forgot:

    Whenever I want to use it right within the HTML it gets cut off and I cannot use it on a an image button for example. I want it to render the link within the “href” but then it wont be rendered properly because the first two characters get cut of 🙁

    Maybe this might be the most important issue about this.

    Thanks for your ongoing support nontheless 🙂

    Gonçalo Peres


    Yes, this is very annoying.
    <a href="*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*">Manage subscription</a>
    <a href="*CONFIRMLINK|*">Manage subscription</a>
    after updating on the “Edit Email Content” screen.

    Please correct this.

    Thank you.

    Gonçalo Peres


    Ok got it! The correct way is:
    <a href="{sp-manage-subscription-url}">Manage subscription</a>
    <a href="*|SP:CONFIRMLINK|*">Manage subscription</a>

    But manage subscription requires more clicks to confirm an existing subscription. This is not the solution we were talking about. But I guess we should simply change the shortcode to make it work with HTML. Hmm.

    I have the same problem here. I really want to use the confirmation link on a button, image or css defined link. All breaks the link though. Solution?

    Plugin Author itdoug


    We’re working on a fix for this.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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