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    Hi @check2020de,
    Smart Slider 3 requires jQuery. By default Smart Slider use the jQuery provided with WordPress. If you set to not load jQuery on the frontend, Smart Slider assumes that you load your own jQuery on frontend and it will be available for usage. Smart Slider waits 1000ms for your jQuery, if it is not available until that, then it will fallback to Google CDN’s jQuery to be able to properly show the sliders on your site.

    Are you sure that you are including jQuery on the page where the slider placed? Also please send us a link to your site where we can check it.

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    Hi @check2020de,
    I have made some changes, could you give it a try? This will not load jQuery from Google CDN in any case. When there is no jQuery loaded by your site, then it will load the one your WordPress includes:

    If it works fine for you too, we will include this fix in our next release.

    It doesn’t matter if i chck or uncheck this option… Jquery will allways be loaded from Google
    SmartSlider is the only one loading it from Google

    Interestig is the fact that the site is hosted in Germany. While doing a a GTmetrix check from London I do not see Google… but doing it from Australia (report above) I see it. Maybe it is because of the timing?

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    Wow… that’s realy quick. Within 40 min an plugin update!!! Amazing, thanks πŸ™‚

    It is working.. BUT πŸ™ with a big issue. The page load time is going up as you see in this two GTmetrix reports from London and Australia



    I have the plugin “WP rollback” installed to rollback to and then update again to the public (not the you sent me)… but the rollback caaused the following error.

    I downloaded but there is still the performance issue

    Still try to figure out what happened and what is causing this.

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    @check2020de, well, this updated package,- that I sent you – should not slow down your site I think. Disabling “jQuery load on frontend”without loading your own jQuery might cause this. The best would be if we could check your site.

    We are not testing Smart Slider 3 for downgrade, so I’m not sure about that error. Better to update back to the public release of

    I updated back to to public… still slow
    I restored the DB from last night… still slow
    I de-activated SmartSlider… now very fast (a bit faster than before)
    I activated SmartSlideer again… now back slow

    Now I restored the files (/plugins/smartslider) from last night. With this I have the DB and files like last night. Everything is fast again.

    Now I switched back to the DB after installing your SmartSlider version and are keeping the restored files… everything is fast.

    So I needed not to restore the db, only the files. Something in the files is causing the issue.

    The update package you sent me should not slow down the site… but as you see, it did.

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    @check2020de, I do understand, but without further tests, I’m unable to tell you anything specific. The best would be if you contact with us directly:

    Ok, I have submitted a ticket and linked it to this thread

    I’m so so sorry… it was – more or less – my fault

    I have placed a custom shadow in smart-slider-3/Public/SmartSlider3/Widget/Shadow/ShadowImage/Assets/shadow
    With your update this was gone and causing the issue. Uploading the missing file to this directory solved it.
    In the past there was now issue when it was missing… just the look and feel wasn’t that nice because the website content folliwing the slider is moving up wheen the shadow isn’t there.

    So sorry for causing the workload for you and thanks again for your update. The update is working and I think you can integrate it in the next release.

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    @check2020de, I’m happy that you were able to solve that issue!

    In private, I reported you a non Smart Slider related slow down issue on your site. It might help your optimize your WordPress site even further πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ you dit! …but I’m wondering why this is causing a slowdown now while in the past it didn’t. However, I allready know that I have to upload this file after each update. That it is that urgend is new…

    But again, thanks agani for the quick jquery solution!!! This speed of support is amazing!!!

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