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  • Hi there,

    I’m trying to locate all the cookies that are loaded on my page through the Cookiebot plugin. I successfully fixed and blocked my other cookies from loading until the user gives their consent, but for some reason the ShareThis cookie keeps showing up in my browser.
    I checked every file in the plugin and added the blocking code to every script tag I could find, and the cookie still gets loaded without my consent. Is the dedicated script tag hidden?
    If I can’t manage to block the cookies, I’ll have to find an alternative as this is really not GDPR compliant…


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  • Jack


    Hi Lucydeetz. No answer to your question, but I would really like to know how you fixed this:

    I successfully fixed and blocked my other cookies from loading until the user gives their consent,

    For me that is the hardest part of getting everything to comply with GDPR.

    Hi Jack,

    I couldn’t really figure out how to block the tracking cookie from ShareThis, so I made my own share buttons with a bit of HTML and CSS code. You can find many tutorials on the web that explain how to build them from scratch!

    I also migrated to another GDPR manager because I found Cookiebot too expensive in the long run. To block cookies with that plugin, however, you basically have to navigate through each of your plugins folder in the WP editor and add this tiny bit of code (you can find it in Cookiebot’s documentation) to each javascript tag that executes a cookie. If a plugin executes more than one script, it’s a matter of trial and error. Eventually you’ll bump into the script that is loading the cookie.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing. Sounds quite complex to me. With many sites and many plugins imho this is kind of ridiculous to have to do all these things by myself, being a WordPress website builder, but not really a developer and coder. Personally I think, because of the world wide impact of the GDPR rules, all this has to become part of the WP core, so that plugins can add the content with the cookie placement code in a seperate part of the pugins page, where users can then decide if they want to place that cookie or not. I think I’m going to add this as a feature request :).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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