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    Hello, I’m concerned about this GDPR alert. I’m curious to know will this only affect European site owners? I really don’t want to lose my share count option and being that I’m in America, are we forced to turn off this option? I’m really confused and also concerned with all the rumors surrounding this GDPR issue. Plus for some of us members who purchased this plugin for all the access to the share counts and etc. How soon will we be able to use the share count again? This is really disappointing and confusing.

    Thank you in advance.

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    @blackbird16k MashShare is collecting the share count by client requested javascript which connects to the facebook api. This is a third party connection where facebook is able to get some data of the client. Facebook also set up a cookie on the client browser. With coming into effect of the GDPR This should be prevented without explicit consent of the user. So this is is not allowed any longer and as a result the share counts should be disabled.

    Generally this affects every entire website in the world but personally I think its more relevant for EU companies / websites because its more easy for the EU government to punish a EU based company / website then a small blogger who is outside of the eu.

    Anyway, the GDPR should be carried out so in that case I recommend to disable the share count aggregation until we have another technical solution for this.

    > This is really disappointing and confusing.

    Yes, this is!

    When I have a technical solution for this, I’ll bringing back the share count of course but for now my biggest concern is the protection of the MashShare users so I recommend to disable the share counts.


    Hi Rene,

    I am a big fan of the plugin and use it on my sites.

    I have a query about this message and the removal of the share count due to the new GDPR guidelines.

    We interpreted the regulations differently, and thought it would still be OK to use and display the sharecount.

    Given we are not holding or publishing any identifiable information about website visitors.

    It is simply a number.

    Could you possibly point me in the direction of the specific section of the GDPR that you feel would make the sharecount unlawful. I would be interested to see it from your point of view.

    Best wishes

    Dave Kehoe

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Hello Dave,

    > We interpreted the regulations differently, and thought it would still be OK to use and display the sharecount.

    As you already say, this is all an interpretation of the GDPR because the GDPR does not contain any exact rules and only general declarations. No one knows how a privacy authority would judge this. It’s possible that one data authority decides that a dynamic IP address is not individual related. One could be going to decide that an IP address is individual related. The GDPR says that we as webmaster are not allowed to collect unnecessary private data of a website and we are not allowed to transfer that data to other services without the explicit consent of the visitor. So you could try to ask your users of they agree to that and then you are fine but I assume only a very small portion of users would agree to that.

    A regular MashShare button does not send any data to facebook so it should be fine but the share count collection is problematic as long as it is not done by the server instead the client. In the past we switched from server based to client based share count aggregation because facebook blocked several websites from collection shares. Now we are thinking about building an API based web service to bring the share counts back.

    Hi Rene,

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    I understand your viewpoint, and appreciate you have to protect yourself and your customers.

    I can’t see it is a breach myself, and if so, we will of course remove it should anyone request us to do so.

    Thanks again for the plugin, and your thoughts regarding GDPR.

    Best wishes

    Dave Kehoe

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