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    Hi guys,

    Except for 1 issue, your plugin does everything it needs to for GDPR compliance (the new EU privacy law). There is NO compliant Youtube embedding plugin right now, so you have the opportunity to be the first (and best) and people will stand in line to use it.

    The only problem is that the preview image is still being loaded from I’ve seen another (bad) plugin that simply takes said image and stores it on the website’s own server so it gets loaded locally. This way, there are zero connections to external servers (which is also faster!). Can you implement this as well?

    Some background: In the EU, we now have the problem that we can’t have our websites connect to external servers (like Google fonts, youtube, font awesome etc.), because the user’s IP address (personal information) gets transferred in the process and we would need the user’s permission and document everything. The only way for us to be safe legally is to get around such connections and load things locally.

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    I indeed prefer this to be one discussion in this case @jdembowski, thanks 🙂

    @hlorenz & @ekatarinal: new version coming

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    OK, just committed a new version which:
    * fixes a bug on older PHP-version (which both of you are on, you should ask your hosters for an upgrade really)
    * does not output ugly text errors before spitting out the image (which caused the black thumbnail @katarinal saw)
    * optionally adds debug info which I can use to troubleshoot if things are still broken for you 🙂

    download from and maybe check if lyteThumb.php has error_reporting(0); on line 14, else you don’t have the most recent version!


    Hey Frank,

    It appears to be working now! Great work!

    Now you can add “GDPR Ready” in your plugin bullet points 😉

    Hi Frank,
    here it seems to be working too, there are images in the cache-folder 🙂

    But in the “Seitenquelltext” I can not see the local storage URL of this images, there ist still the original youtube URL mentioned.

    How can I check, that the local image is used?

    Thanks a lot

    @HighKay In Chrome, if you hit F12, you can see under Sources -> Network that no external servers are called. This is no longer the case for me with the new version.
    The URL you mentioned is just part of the image filename stored on your server.

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    Or use your browser’s developer tools and then “inspect” the video, you’ll see something like this (indeed loaded from your server);

    (if you still see the YT-originated background, you might have a page cache issue in browser or in cachify or …)

    By the way, Frank, have you ever thought about adding Vimeo support to this plugin? I’ve seen other plugins that try to embed Vimeo locally. Personally, I don’t need it, but I think it’s the logical next step.

    Same with maps, where an embed is just a generic map image (that the webmaster defines) and when a user clicks on it, the actual embed loads up. This also prevents the embed from loading before it’s needed.


    Thank you @ekatarinal, I tried that, but there are so many services – I just lost the overview.

    I’ll take a look at it again later 🙂

    Yes! It works perfect 🙂

    Thank you so much Frank for your superduperfast support!

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    Adding other sources (Vimeo or Google Maps or …) would make sense, but I don’t see that happening soon, not enough time really (WordPress is a hobby-gone-crazy and most of my hobby-time goes to another plugin of mine; Autoptimize).

    Yes, I use Autoptimize as well. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

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    pushed the release out just now. one important change: if thumbnails are cached locally, the LYTE also enforces itself on mobile (where by default LYTE is not active due to less optimal user-experience of having to click play twice).

    so; remove the github version and upgrade the hosted version and enjoy! 🙂


    Great plug-in, but unfortunately it will not be GDPR compliant until you can show a consent dialog before people can click on play. Clicking play with or without a little text beneath the video is not explicit consent.

    Any chance this will be implemented? Still looking for a way around YT videos and GDPR.

    Also; it doesn’t seem to replace videos that are placed in the header of a post (quite a few themes have this option).

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    LYTE acts on the the_content filter @netpresenter, additional filtering is possible, but will have to be added (either in a code snippet or maybe one day in the plugin itself).


    Clicking play with or without a little text beneath the video is not explicit consent.

    Maybe. I’m not a lawyer, but opinions seem to diverge here 🙂

    Any chance this will be implemented?

    Hmm … maybe, but not soon (too much on my plate I’m afraid). But it will be rather ugly, having users click twice; once for “play” and once “for OK for YT to track me” (or the other way around).

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