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    Hi guys,

    Except for 1 issue, your plugin does everything it needs to for GDPR compliance (the new EU privacy law). There is NO compliant Youtube embedding plugin right now, so you have the opportunity to be the first (and best) and people will stand in line to use it.

    The only problem is that the preview image is still being loaded from I’ve seen another (bad) plugin that simply takes said image and stores it on the website’s own server so it gets loaded locally. This way, there are zero connections to external servers (which is also faster!). Can you implement this as well?

    Some background: In the EU, we now have the problem that we can’t have our websites connect to external servers (like Google fonts, youtube, font awesome etc.), because the user’s IP address (personal information) gets transferred in the process and we would need the user’s permission and document everything. The only way for us to be safe legally is to get around such connections and load things locally.

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    OK, can you:
    * share URL’s of those 2 sites (and specifically a page that has the vids)?
    * check if there is a wp-content/cache/lyteThumb directory?
    * check if there are .jpg files in that directory?
    * check if there are relevant errors in your php errorlog?


    Hi Frank,
    I installed the GitHub Version too and the cache/lyteThumbs folder keeps being empty…

    Here is a link to the page I installed the plugin to test the new version:

    Thanks for your great effort to solve the GDPR problem 🙂

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    ok … lyteThumbs.php tries to connect to YT to download the thumbnail using “curl” and if that does not work “file_get_contents”. if neither work, then as fallback the logic is to redirect to the YT-hosted thumbnail.

    so either curl/ file_get_contents are not available in your PHP-installation, or there is something blocking outgoing requests? any idea which one might apply for you?

    Hi Frank,

    I only have ftp access for one of the sites, and I can’t find the cache directory there.

    I have some sites of my own where I have all access, so I’ll be testing the plugin there, too. Then I can tell you more about php error logs etc. 🙂

    Hi Frank,
    sorry, but I’m not that deep into Code & PHP to answer your question right away…

    How can I check, if curl/ file_get_contents is available in my PHP-installation or if outgoing requests are blocked?

    Ask my provider? Any testing method I could try?

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    @highkay; install the health check plugin and on the php-info tab look for “curl” and “file_get_contents”. and I think on the first tab the plugin will check if outgoing requests (to the servers) are possible.

    Hi Frank,
    here are the answers (in german – sorry):

    Deine Version von cURL, 7.38.0, ist etwas veraltet. Die aktuelle Version ist 7.58. Dies kann in manchen Fällen die Kommunikation deiner Website mit anderen Diensten beeinträchtigen. Falls du Verbindungsprobleme zu verschiedenen Diensten feststellst, wende dich bitte an deinen Hoster.

    cURL-Version 7.38.0 OpenSSL/1.0.1t

    PHP-Version 5.6.35-he.0

    “file_get_contents” – couldn’t find this in the Plugins Information

    On the site where I have access,
    PHP version: 5.4.45
    cURL: 7.55.1

    This is the site where the cache directory is not present.

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    ok, working on some improvements, hang on … 😉

    (Ich verstehe und spreche ein bisschen Deutsch)

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    OK, can you re-download the github version (which include some improvements; it should now work even if it cannot write to cache and it will now try file_get_contents even if curl is available but the curl request failed for some reason).

    I get the same result as before on both sites, I’m afraid. One site loads externally, one shows a black preview (and no cache directory).

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    @ekatarinal can you share your URL for the one with the black preview (if not here you can mail me at frank-at-optimizingmatters-dot-com)?

    and do you have a php errorlog you could have a look at for errors?

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    @hlorenz If you need support then per the forum guidelines please start your own topic.

    You can do so here.

    Hm – no changes on my sites.

    GitHub shows last changes on a file 15 hours ago.
    Can it be, that we downloaded the Version from this morning again?

    Jan: ekaterina & me are working on the same topic with frank – so why should it be two topics?

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