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    I’m currently working through a list of plugins that we use, trying to establish the following.

    1. What cookie files (inc. local storage etc) containing personal data are being set by the plugin?
    2. Do any settings need to be changed within the plugin, to make it GDPR Compliant?
    3. Are we adding all the relevant information in relation to the plugin, to our websites privacy policy?

    It’s my understanding that…

    • Imagify Image Optimizer plugin doesn’t set any cookie files (inc. local storage etc) containing personal data.
    • There are no settings within the Imagify Image Optimizer plugin, which need to be changed for GDPR Compliance.
    • There’s no information that needs to be included in our websites privacy policy, in relation to the Imagify Image Optimizer plugin?

    Please, could you confirm that this is correct?

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    Thanks for your patience.

    Imagify is fully compatible with GDPR. You can check our Terms page for more (very detailed) information – https://imagify.io/terms/

    Let me know if you have any further questions, we are happy to help.

    Best Regards

    Thanks for replying…

    The information in your terms document, suggests to me that it’s in reference to personal data that you collect from your customers via your website.

    I’m just tying to establish the GDPR compliance of the Imagify plugin, in relation to the visitors of the websites I install the plugin on.

    The response above doesn’t exactly confirm if my assumptions are correct or not.

    Would you agree that these statements are correct?

    • The Imagify plugin doesn’t set any cookie files or local storage that contain personal data.
    • The Imagify plugin doesn’t have any settings that can be changed to improve GDPR compliance.
    • There isn’t any information that you are aware of, which I should be adding to the Privacy Policy’s on the websites that I install the Imagify plugin on.
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    Hey @kwebdesign

    Thanks for your patience!

    Imagify plugin does not set any cookies on the website. We create and store optimized images on website server (in wp-content/uploads folder), and that’s basically everything we do. No personal (or any other data out of your media files) are used or taken into consideration, especially not from your visitors.

    Having that in mind, there is no option in the plugin (or your account page) to improve GDPR compliance and also there is no need to add anything in Privacy Policy related to Imagify, as no personal (or any other data) is collected from your visitors.

    Hope this helps. We are happy to help further.

    All the best!

    That’s great… Many thanks for your response!

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