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  • Regardless of whether the checkbox is activated for GDRP or not, the user is always registered directly.

    The defective double opt-in has already been reported several times – a disaster for plugin users from Germany!

    The plugin is still completely in English, instead of German (translations defective).

    These are the most important points, later more 😉


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  • I’ve updated to 4.0.2 and on my web page I am getting a little popup when the GDPR checkbox is not set and I click on Subscribe. Are you already on 4.0.2?

    But the missing localization at all (not only German) is really something that has been done before 4.0 was released! It is a pain…

    The only positive thing is, that they are working hard and quickly to get the problems solved. In my case they were very responsive. Let hope they get the other problems done soon.

    I have installed 4.0.2 – but if I don’t check the checkbox, the message with “Registration” is still displayed successfully – no error or something else.
    After that the user receives an e-mail confirming the registration, but even if the e-mail is not confirmed, he is already listed as a registered subscriber (i.e. no double opt-in).

    Errors can always happen! But to distribute a complete revision of the plugin in the world without even one second to test (they do not have that, otherwise all this could not have happened) – that simply does not work! It’s not only about the users with the free version, but also about the Pro customers.
    The image of the company was heavily damaged – which I think is a pity!

    I’ve also installed (long before V4.0) the plugin GDPR from Trew Knowledge as stated here:

    Interestingly the checkbox text (and also the text on the popup) is still German, while there are no localization files in the plugin folder “locales”. I guess in my case this checkbox, text and submit logic comes from this plugin.

    I totally agree that they have release V4.0 way to early without appropriate testing. If I would be a Pro User I would be very angry!!! I hope they will not loose that much of customers, so they could proceed to work on this plugin. which was good until V3.5.18.

    Email Subscribers was not only “good” – it was PERFECT (for me and many others)!
    But now…complete useless 🙁

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    @bayaro Have you checked with latest version of Email Subscribers?

    If not, give it a try and let us know how it goes.



    With the current version (4.0.9), there is still no error message if the check mark in the privacy statement is not set. The registration is simply carried out.
    But at least the subscriber will be displayed as “Unconfirmed” in the administration.

    I also find the colored dots for “Confirmed” and “Unconfirmed” rather unfavorable. With large lists you don’t get a really good overview.

    And – with all old members the lists are shown twice/double in the subscribers overview. As if the user were in 2 lists with the same name. All newly registered subscribers are displayed correctly with only one list.



    UserXY – – Members Members – 2019-03-17 00:01:40


    UserXY – – Members – 2019-03-17 00:01:40

    In addition, the translation into German does not yet work either.

    These are the most important points for the time being, further points when these points have been corrected.

    Thanks and greetings



    Is the additional GDPR plugin installed? I guess only with this the functionality works as we need it. On the site that I administer, you get an error message, if you do not check the privacy statement.

    Progress for german translation is made! A lot of german translations are approved.

    However, for some reason, the text to be translated comes currently from 3.5.18 source code and not from the latest stable, so still a lot of text missing. They are currently finding the cause, so lets hope we get full german translations soon.

    Dear Chris,
    german translations are finished and should be available via normal WordPress updates. Have you found the time to check, if the GDPR plugin is installed?


    Hi Oli!
    With the current Email Subscribers version the german translations work again. Also the Double-Opt-In works again. Thanks a lot!
    I had installed the GDPR plugin for a long time and had not changed it. Up to your “special” update everything worked fine. Something must have got mixed up and been fixed by one of your updates (i think it was the last update) – because now (almost) everything is fine again.

    What’s especially disturbing/noticing – the already mentioned “double lists” in the subscriber overview (Audience). All subscribers who were added before the “special” update/rework have the name of my distribution list twice in the overview (see my example in the last post) – all subscribers who were added after the “special” update/rework have the name of the list only once in the overview.

    Many thanks and greetings,

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