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    I’m using your checkbox for terms&conditions but I have a question. Where is stored? To be GDPR compliant we have to store that visitor is agree. I can’t find field in database or in mailchimp dashboard

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    I can also not find the field, although I enabled GDPR compliance in the MailChimp list.

    When I look up the source code of the form builder in MailChimp, I find a checkbox with a source code looking like this:
    <input type="checkbox" name="gdpr[10833]" value="Y">

    However, I cannot find this in mc4wp, although I clicked on the “create more forms” button and synced it again. Does this need another update?

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan



    Please note that we do not store that information in our logs, as unless the user checks that field, their details are not sent to MailChimp and they are not added to the logs. So basically it means, their details will be in the logs only if they had checked the “Agree Terms” checkbox.

    Also, please note that this is not the same as the checkbox provided by We use API to connect with MailChimp and the GDPR field provided by does not work through API.

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    Hi, @hchouhan,
    “So basically it means, their details will be in the logs only if they had checked the “Agree Terms” checkbox.”
    For test I checked “Agree Terms” checkbox but can’t find where is logged



    Adding simple html checkbox is not an option as button is still active., no matter if checked or not. Sign up button should not be active unless user checkes for Accept terms.

    We hope mc4wp helps Premium users to achieve that with ease.

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    @plukash the form should actually not submit unless the “agree to our terms” checkbox is checked. Are you experiencing otherwise? If so then I’d love to take a look at your site and get it fixed!

    @galinaivvn The result of “agree to terms” is not stored anywhere but rather the other way around: without that button checked nothing is stored at all. So if anything is stored then it implies that the agree to terms checkbox was checked.

    Let us know if that doesn’t help or if you’re experiencing issues please.



    Regarding to your post:

    you wrote to inform user that data is being transfered to mailchimp….we can solve this with message and checkbox in formular-form-code….


    how to use that info for “Integration” in Contact Form 7….WooCommerce…all I can see there is the Checkbox…”Get the Newsletter”…no message…nothing….!?

    Best Regards

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan



    Since an integration checkbox is already provided for “CF7”, “WooCommerce Checkout” we are not providing any additional checkboxes. You can simply change the label of the checkbox to write the appropriate message like “Agree…”.



    Sorry but i think that since checkboxes are not stored and sent to MAILCHIMP LISTS, this plugin is not GDPR compliant. Am i wrong?

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan


    Hello Robert,

    For GDPR compliance, you need to allow the user to opt-in. Unless the user checks our checkbox, they are not added to your MailChimp list which makes it GDPR compliant. If you want you can create an interest group in your MailChimp list and then using custom code display it on your WooCommerce checkout or regular forms created with our plugin and make it mandatory for the user to check it to proceed.

    P.S. I’d request you to create a new support topic in future as it’s easier for us to find your message and reply to it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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