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    good evening, I saw that only in the pro version it is possible to insert the checkbox for the gdpr but being an indispensable function how can I implement it in the free version? Because otherwise it becomes useless to install this version. in any case great plugin

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    Hi @semplicewebsite,

    Thanks for reaching out. At the moment, there’s a bit of a technical hurdle for us in how we manage the customer fields in the free version, but something we want to address when we rework the fields in a future release. We don’t have an ETA on that unfortunately, we’re a small team and are working on our Business Edition as part of our next big release. After that release, we’ll be prioritizing our next round of updates!

    We do force an opt-in checkbox with our MailChimp integration (the user must check the box in order to be added to a MailChimp list, we’re fully compliant with the MailChimp partner guidelines).

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions we can help you with.

    The SSA Support Team

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    can I solve with code? Because I understand you want to encourage the purchase of a business version but here we are talking about legality and the free version is unusable, at least in Italy

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    Hi @semplicewebsite, there unfortunately isn’t an easy way to do this with code because of the way we built the customer information fields. We want to refactor that code so we can make it easy to add a consent checkbox in the free version but there isn’t an easy way for us to do that before we make some structural changes.

    I’m definitely not a lawyer, but I have spent a lot of time learning about and dealing with GDPR since it was introduced. I believe you can accept bookings and be GDPR compliant without a checkbox (not for marketing and adding to your newsletter, but clicking the button to book an appointment shows clear intent to receive transactional emails about the appointment). For example, if you sell a product with e-commerce, you’re allowed to send order confirmations and shipment/tracking information without any checkboxes. To add to the newsletter, of course, requires additional (opt-in checkbox) consent.

    There seems to be pretty good consensus around this:
    * https://www.termsfeed.com/blog/gdpr-consent/ under The New Definition of Valid Consent. TermsFeed is a reputable legal company.

    * https://www.mailerlite.com/blog/how-to-create-opt-in-forms-that-still-work-under-gdpr several live examples from big companies under How to ask for consent to one thing

    * https://thrivethemes.com/gdpr-for-email-marketing/ under The Checkbox Myth section

    We don’t want to force our users to upgrade to just to be GDPR compliant, I do believe when visitors book an appointment they give clear consent to receive a confirmation email (again, not for marketing/newsletter purposes of course).

    All that said… if I could simply give you a code snippet to add the checkbox in the free edition, I would πŸ™‚ We just have some structural work to do before that would be possible.

    Please get in touch with any further questions, you can email us directly at support@ssaplugin.com


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    OK perfect! I did not want to make absolutely controversy indeed, I really appreciate your plugin. Among all the ones I’ve seen, it seems to me the most graphically accurate, simple and understandable for the end customer. Unfortunately the law and above all the GDPR has complicated things a bit.On the one hand it is sacrosanct to protect and protect personal data, on the other hand there is never a law that can be interpreted in a simple way. Thanks anyway for your time. Have a nice evening

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