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    Actually we didn’t know something particular to be compatible with GDPR but I’m interesting to be compliant.

    For you, what’s need to be done ?


    @shulard I am interested in this also. Mautic stores personal information which we need to show and make available to the user and allow them to delete it if they want to.

    Plugin Author shulard



    Yes you are right, but actually it’s most on the Mautic side than on the WordPress extension.
    An article was published recently about the future of Mautic and the GDPR compliance. I’m not aware of any roadmap (but I’m very busy now so I don’t follow all the discussions on the slack channels…).

    For the moment, if someone asks you to forget its data, you must drop all it’s details from your Mautic instance. Also if someone requests its own data, you must extract them manually.

    Behind all of these, having a Mautic instance is actually a first step to a better compliance because data are centralized and you are controlling everything around it. For sure you must be very paranoiac about backups to avoid leaks…

    Also this extension isn’t storing or reading user data, it only simplify the mautic integration.

    But this discussion is very important, if you have idea about the GDPR implementation or something that can be done on the WordPress side, I’ll be glad to hear it !



    I am interested in this also.

    1) The most important seems to have granted consent by users to use cookies.

    The lead must give a clear affirmation action to accept cookies.
    –> It could be possible with a cookie banner.

    It could be good enough to have a button to accept or deny. There are à lot of plugin for cookies banner (or use focus items in mautic?). WordPress admin place this button inside banner. It could be the first step to be GPDR complient

    2) It must be possible for the lead to change their preferences.

    It should be possible with the preference page in mautic.
    A link to preference could be enough.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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