• Hi Gioni,

    we really enjoy using WP Cerber! Many thanks for creating it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just have one question – with the GDPR ahead, is or will WP Cerber be compliant to it?

    Many thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Gregory


    Hi woo-do!

    What do you mean? There is no such a thing like “a compliant plugin”. Your online business and business processes should be compliant whit GDPR. Even your site search form should be compliant cause anyone can enter their email address in it, hit the search button and voila, that person can drag you into court cause he or she doesn’t give a consent to save their personal data to the server log (you’re no able to avoid this).

    Anyway, I’ll post an article with detailed explanation soon. And yes the plugin will contain all functionality that helps a website owner to get a GDPR-compliant website.

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    Hi Gioni,

    many thanks. You’re absolutely right. Maybe I did not express myself well.

    Waiting for the article then ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the great plugin!
    I am looking forward to your contribution to GDPR. With GDPR it concerns the collection of personal data such as IP address. It is important to know if the plugin collects IP addresses and if and how I can disable or anonymize them.

    Best Regards

    Hi Gioni,

    I also need to check if I can continue to use WP-Cerber or what to write in my privacy policy. Did you publish the article you mentioned?
    Can you tell me if all IP-addresses are logged by WP-Cerber or just “suspicious” ones and logins? How long does WP Cerber store this information?

    Thank you in advance and best regards

    Are there any news about WP Cerber and GDPR? I cannot find anything.

    I love the plugin but if I am not sure I will kick it from all my customer websites.


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