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    Plus one for this question!

    Plus two! Interested to know the answer here as I used this plugin on multiple websites.



    No answer in more than two weeks is an answer. I deinstalled the plugin.

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    As mentioned in our support forum policy, we do not monitor these forums, or at least on any regular basis as we provide all support for lite users through our website at for the reasons mentioned in the support forum policy. Someone pointed this ticket out to us earlier when they wrote us a ticket in our support area on our site, so we’ll answer here as GDPR is a very important issue for those needing to comply with it, however in the future, we strongly recommend utilizing our support area on our website as we’re able to serve users much quicker and turn around tickets very quickly (we’ve been answering GDPR questions from lite users for many months on there).

    As a standard disclaimer, MonsterInsights is not a law firm, and I am not a lawyer, so nothing we say should be construed as legal advice. For those seeking legal advice with regards to any issues, including compliance with GDPR or other laws, we suggest hiring a legal firm, particularly since compliance with GDPR is very far reaching for those needing to comply (for example removal, anonymization or disabling the IP address logging feature enabled by default on all NGINX and Apache based servers), and you will also need to complete documentation specific to GDPR as well that regards your website (regardless of whether or not you use our plugin).

    That said, MonsterInsights offers compliance with relevant sections of GDPR to the best of our knowledge through already existing features, which is made possible from the fact that MonsterInsights/Google Analytics collects very little PII already (mostly IP addresses, which we already offer a way to anonymize and whose data is not retrievable by anyone after collection, since it is used for geographic demographics data behind the scenes by Google).

    For Lite users, you should perform the following actions:
    – Enable the “Turn on Anonymize IP” feature. This can be found in Insights -> Settings -> Tracking -> Demographics, as the second checkbox.
    – Opt into the GDPR Data Processing Ammendment in your Google analytics account, by going to > Admin > Account > Account Settings > Turn on GDPR DPA. If you do not see the checkbox, either you, someone with access to your account, or Google themselves have already opted you in, OR, Google does not offer the DPA in your jurisdiction. For help with this, please contact Google directly, as we do not control anything with regards to the GDPR DPA on Google’s side
    – Offer a cookie tracking opt out option: We offer integrations with other opt out plugins for this, as well as the ability to create ones through MonsterInsights. For a full guide on how to add one or make one, please see our documentation on the subject. For those wanting to go further, we are also going to be offering an addon that integrates with the Cookie Notice plugin at some point through our website, as well as automatically taking any required action from the plugin side of things in terms of the list above (as well as the separate list for Pro users).

    Note, this list is not exhaustive for Pro level users (please contact us through your Pro account so we can give you the list most relevant for your use of MonsterInsights Pro and addons or as part of your Pro support we can do it for you).

    Note, does not allow for embedding of images or videos which we’ve been giving people so they can see step by step how to do the above via our support system on our site, so if anyone is having trouble finding the above options or needs more help, please contact us through our lite support form and we’ll be happy to help.

    We are also working on a blog post re-outlining all of the above which will be published on our website shortly, along with documentation in our docs center.

    If anyone has any further questions about this, please feel free to get in touch with us on our site so we can best assist.


    Thank you so much Chris, this information is incredibly helpful 🙂

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