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GDE with the new 3.5 Media Manager?

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    This option was improved in GDE 2.5 for users of WP 3.2-3.4.x, but isn’t compatible with the new media library. As usual with major revisions of features within WordPress – especially those undergoing major changes right through the release candidate phase like this one – it takes a while for good documentation to creep out on how to properly use the new functions. I certainly hope to re-implement this feature for WP 3.5+ when there is some documentation available on how to do so. 😉

    If you happen to run across any docs or another plugin that might serve as an example that perhaps I’ve missed, I’m happy for the extra set of eyes on this issue.



    Thanks for the heads up. I write a little bit of PHP, but dont know WP’s stuff at all. I did find this last night while digging/googling through a few of the functions:

    If you need any help, I’m happy to help test or maybe even write a bit of code.

    Plugin Author k3davis


    Thanks Nate. I know they added code for backward compatibility at the very end of the 3.5 beta cycle, but the effects weren’t good enough in this case – the formatting was skewed and the “send to editor” hook didn’t work. I’m hoping they have and will at some point document the correct way to hook into the new media manager (that doesn’t rely on hacking back in “compatibility” code). But it looks like this link you’ve sent may help address the second issue I was having, at least. I’ll look into this further.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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