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    Hi Kevin,

    Firstly thanks for such a great plugin, it is very good – well done!

    One of my users reported this error when opening a PDF…
    “You’ve reached the bandwidth limit for viewing or downloading files that aren’t in Google Docs format. Please try again later…”

    All documents have been inserted into posts simply using the insert media feature in WP and then dragging and dropping the file, which inserts the GDE short code in the post.

    It seems to have sorted itself out and is no longer happening, however, I would like to know what could cause such an error to be raised and how to prevent it. Have you seen such an error or how could I prevent it from happening?

    Thanks again.

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  • Plugin Author k3davis


    Hi Dave,

    Not sure about this one, it seems from a Google search that it’s a problem with Google Docs falsely triggering a bandwidth error. There are bandwidth limitations with Google accounts but under normal circumstances these wouldn’t be reached, nor is a Google account required by the plugin.

    I know it’s not happening anymore but my only suggestion in this case would be if the problem recurs, ensure that the affected user is logged out of their Google account in the browser they’re using. Hopefully that would make them sufficiently “anonymous” not to trigger the warning. Otherwise, bandwidth limits for Google Apps are reset daily, so they could wait 24 hours.

    Hope this helps somewhat.


    Thanks Kevin.
    The issue has not happened again, so all good for now.

    This just happened to me on my site as well…bummer.

    Plugin Author k3davis


    This seems to be more of a glitch with Google than anything… people get this error occasionally then don’t get it when they try again even a few moments later.

    If all else fails, try logging out or logging out/back in to your Google account.

    @k3davis It occurred for me too, but the message said something like “…log in to use it unlimited…”; so I think the challenge is not with being logged in.

    In my case, being “anonymous” giving the problem while logged in not.
    So sad because the pluggin is GREAT, just the limitation of Google…


    Plugin Author k3davis



    Just for clarification, you do not need to be logged in to a Google account, or even have to have a Google account, to use Google’s viewer or this plugin. If you do have one, you can be logged in – both of these work. The only problem is with those who are logged in but their login is either expired or in some state of conflict. In that event you must log out (and optionally fully log back in) for it to work reliably.

    The bandwidth error seems to be thrown somewhat randomly and is not necessarily tied to your login in every case.


    I’m still getting this error

    Seems its not going away & it doesn’t matter if I’m logged in or not

    Plugin Author k3davis



    The error I get on your page isn’t related to bandwidth but to being unable to access the document. This is a known problem right now between some servers and Google and doesn’t have to do with the plugin. If you have another web location to store the files (another hosting account, or a dropbox account, etc.) that may bypass the issue.

    This solution is far from ideal, but also unfortunately beyond my ability to influence from the plugin.


    I am experiencing this issue with the bandwidth limit and was wondering if there is a fix somewhere or if somebody has contacted google?
    Thank for your help.

    Plugin Author k3davis


    Have you tried logging out of your google account? And if that works, does it still work when you log back in?

    The bandwidth error is somewhat arbitrary (as far as I can tell) but seems in some way to be linked to the status of your Google login. It isn’t likely to affect your site visitors, since it’s local to your account.

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