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    I followed the directions in the FAQ for setting up GD Star Plugin.

    On my site there are ratings under each deal. But now that i have enabled the cache setting under the GD star plugin, the ratings show as “GD Star Rating Loading”. IT finally loads but seems a bit unprofessional to me. I also read the GD Star docs and this seems to be the only fix.

    Anyone have a workaround to this? Do I really need to select the caching setting on the GD Star plugin?

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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    In my experience, you do, but you added the tag for GD star rating here, so the author will know best.

    If you don’t use plugins cache option (the one that shows loading message), and you use cache plugins like W3, your ratings on tha page will not be current since the pages will not be generated but pulled from cache. There is no other way to have current ratings, due to the nature of caching system. If you don’t mind having outdated ratings, disable plugins cache support.

    Ok thanks guys. So let me ask a stupid question and pardon my ignorance. If i turn off the plugins cache support, would the ratings only be updated if i empty the cache?

    Displayed ratings will be updated with cache, rating saving will work normally.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    To clarify, Milan is referring to page caching. The other caching methods available in the plugin can still be used or rather significant pages can be exempted from caching, or you can simply lower the lifetime of the cache file so that the cache is updated every minute for example, which is still a performant configuration for some sites/cases.

    Hi guys,


    I just noticed that there is a conflict with W3TC and GDSR regarding the site feed – I’m getting 500 errors when trying to access the site feed /feed. I’m just starting the troubleshooting process, but I was wondering if you were already aware of this conflict and maybe already had this one figured out?

    Ed – BPS plugin author

    I am not aware of any problem. I use W3TC on my websites with GDSR and it works fine, feeds are showing as they should.

    Cool thanks. I have a lot of custom stuff going on with my sites so I just wanted to check with you guys and see if there were any known issues before I start tracking the source of my particular specific site issue. I’m pretty sure I know what is causing my particular problem so when I get the chance I’ll head in that direction first. If it’s something worth noting on a bigger scale ie other users may have a related issue to mine I’ll let you know. If it’s totally specific to my customizations then it won’t be worth mentioning. appreciate the reply. AWESOME Plugin!!! Very nice solid and impressive coding work.

    Thanks Ed.

    Yep I just took a look at what I thought it could be and it was the problem. Since this does not have to do with any of my coding modifications / customizations and is a general WordPress setting it is probably worth mentioning because someone else may make this mistake down the road. Under WordPress Reading Settings >>> had “Syndication feeds show the most recent” set to 100 items for stress testing purposes and forgot to change it back to something realistic after testing was completed. Dropped it down to 50 and no problems. So now I will actually set it where it should be 10 – 20. Interesting though that just having GDSR or just W3TC enabled would handle that huge load request, but not when both plugins are enabled. Anyway kind of a moot point since 100 if off the scale ridiculously huge. 😉


    Also just an FYI and as an experiment I set Full Text to Summary and 100 posts will display in RSS without a problem so that is conclusive evidence that is was a total overload thing of course.


    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Thanks Ed.

    No thank you for creating such an incredible plugin!!! GD Star Rating is also one hell of an impressive plugin too. 😉 Thanks.

    ratings on my site dont work, please check out: i think its not even saving, try voting and you will see that nothing happens.

    I have turn of gd star caching option because if its on then i m stuck on gd star loading like topic starter explained.


    I also have a problem with the GD Star Rating plugin and the W3 totalc cache. After I read several solutions from different sources and treid everything, I couldn’t get them to work together.

    Is there any solution at this time to allow both of them to work properly? Or could some functionality of W3 Total cache be disabled in order to allow the rating plugin to work?

    Thank you,

    I managed to get it to work. The problem was apparently caused by the Minify settings, namely the .js file ../wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js. As soon as I removed it from Javascript minify files, the plugin started working again. Hope this helps others who encountered this problem.

    Anyway, both GD Star Ratings and W3 Total Cache are great plugins. Keep up the good work!

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