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  • I’ve completed initial work on an image thumbnailer that fits into the default upload popup. It’s small, fast, and appears to work thus far.
    It’s been tested with WordPress 0.8/CVS. It should work in 0.72 unless there have been major upload code changes. Expect breakage. I’ve had none, but you never know.
    Requirements: GD.
    Details here
    Please test it out, and get back to me. Thanks.

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  • I’m impressed. It seems that no one is really interested in uploading images with thumbnails. Weird. Oh well.
    *gets started on adding B&W effect to function for kicks

    thats an awesome hack. I would definately use that. So don’t judge the reaction so far.

    I posted a comment and a question on your site. I visited the site just now, and it appears that you are doing some work on it because I cannot access the link that you provide above.

    It has been fixed 🙂 There’s an apology note even. Sorry.

    I’ve installed the thumbnailer, and its making thumbnails for me… however:
    (a) I had to comment out “imageantialias($image, TRUE);” in thumbnails.php because of a PHP error message saying that imageantialias() is an unknown function; and
    (b) Though I have thumbnails, the upload.php script still only suggests that I insert the large image into my blog. i.e. To insert the thumbnail I need to go looking for it myself.
    Oh and while I’m bothering you… Do you know of any upload.php hacks which allow you to upload a .DOC or .PDF file, and insert a clickable “download” icon into your blog?

    hmmm don’t know about that last. as for the window suggesting what to put in the post, I’ll fix that and post it.

    Where exactly is the link to the uploader (in the actual wp)? Ive got it installed but I can’t seem to find it.

    Hi, the thumbnailer ist pretty cool!
    I changed the code a bit, so it inserts a link from the thumbnail to the full image.
    But the real problem isn´t solved yet. If you upload a picture without thumbnail creation, the script tries to insert a thumbnail link. I think it only need some fixes in that if-loops.
    Here´s the piece of code:
    if ( ereg('image/',$img1_type)) {
    $piece_of_code = "<img src="$fileupload_url/$img1_name" alt="$imgdesc" />";
    } else {
    $piece_of_code = "$imgdesc";

    replace with:
    if ( ereg('image/',$img1_type)) {
    $piece_of_code = "<img src="$fileupload_url/thumb-$img1_name" border="0" alt="" hspace="5" vspace="5" align="left"/>";
    } else {
    $piece_of_code = "$imgdesc";

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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