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    Great news. We’re pretty darn sure your Google calendar displays will work once again.

    Nick and I have been working on the switch to the new Google Calendar API (version 3), and after a bunch of tweaks and testing we believe it’s now good to go.

    Please update your GCal Events plugin to 2.1.0 (or higher) and let us know in the forums if it’s still not working.

    Google basically requires an API key for all requests now. By default the WordPress plugin now uses a shared public API key we generated.

    Our request limit shared among all users is currently 500,000 requests per day and 5 requests per second. We applied for more today, but we’ll have to wait to hear back from Google if we’re allowed na increase.

    At 330,000+ plugin downloads we’re not sure if this is sufficient or not yet for everyone. But we do know that the caching provided in our plugin helps reduce the number of requests.

    If you’re concerned about this quota set for all plugin users, you do have the option of generating and using your own GCal API key across your sites. More info and instructions are found on the General Settings page after you update.

    Sorry again for the downtime the last couple days. We’ll do our best to tackle these issues a little more in advance in the future.

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  • Hi, will there be a patch for the old version – 0.7.3 – as well? We are still using it because there is a function missing in the new one that we are depending on. ( The possibility to get at specific day to be shown – f.e. What´s on for upcoming friday. In the old version it was, not very easy but still possible, to adjust the settings so it would find and display “next Friday” until Friday, and then switch to the next Friday.)

    @evilaxel: @mthoney posted a fix for 0.7.x in the previous thread. It worked for me on 2 of 3 sites. He calls it temporary: TEMP Fix

    Hello and thanks a lot!
    Works fine for me on my web hosting but not on localhost (too bad!). Is there a way to make it work on my local installation?

    @jojaba I ran into the same problem with the patch for 0.7. The problem is that Google doesn’t allow private IPs with OAuth or API keys. Here are a couple of links to a workaround:


    public calender feeds works fine. But i cant use a private calender feeds like Following message will be displayed: “Some data was retrieved, but could not be parsed successfully. Please ensure your feed settings are correct.”


    the update for GCal API v3 works fine, but doesn’t show all-day events. Is there any way to fix it?

    I can’t get the new GCal to show any events.

    I can get it to show a blank calendar. I note that the Calendar ID has changed to my Google email address – and that matches what is displayed for my ID on the google calendar site.
    I’ve checked the number of days / events etc to display, and I have refreshed the cache.
    I’ve even deleted the plug in and reinstalled from new, and tried it with the shared API key and my own.

    Any ideas what else to try please ?

    It look like there is problem showing all day event in ver 2.1.0.


    same problem: doesn’t show all day events. Please fix.

    robertx answered gave the answer just before I posted my question, and I__k confirmed it.

    ALL of my diary dates are all day events, so nothing was showing up. As soon as I added a start time. Bingo.

    Phil. Brilliant Plug in, and the Google changes must have been a nightmare to work through. But All Day Events do not show. I’ll give the other’s a good test too. (No end time, repeating events, etc). I’m going for breakfast now !

    I saw that the private key has been set in the \google-calendar-events\includes\class-gce-feed.php file (line 29). I guess this is the api key of the plugin developpers. I know that a max amount of 500.000 requests/day is allowed for calendar api. If we all use this key, shouldn’t we get issues?

    I have tried to update the plugin to v2.1.0, but as soon as the new update is on my server (via update, ftp, …), WP isn’t loading the site any more, I get (in Chrome) the error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE, in FF ‘connection reinitialized’. From the moment I delete the folder google-calendar-events in the plugins folder, WP (admin + frontend) is loading correctly again. Any idea? Thanks

    PS: when placing back the old plugin v2.0.7, all is also working ‘fine’ again (calendar doesn’t get loaden due to Google, but at least WP is also loading)

    Same here: All day events not displaying.

    Seems it doesn’t work:

    Or do I have to make any new settings?

    Ii wasn’t working fine for me but until I change the “google calendar ID” in the flux setting. The one that was set up had extra caracteres behind the ID.
    After I changed it all was ok.

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