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  • Okay the theme page is really really long to surf through.
    Maybe taken me 1/2 an hour so far and I didn’t finish and I am on 64Mb/s
    We can’t split 1-50, 50-100 etc if there is no standard commonality

    Could we split A[30]|B[20]|C[50]|D[12]| then if its over 50 have back forward buttons?

    Also if we want to go step 3 can we have tick on/off viewed|not viewed in an account history to indicate whether we wanted it that time.

    Then also have in the account history Scan 1 [‘Label’,DateTime], Scan 2 [‘Label’,DateTime]

    These features will make the system more advanced and more importantly help users locate templates or offer the advantage of that

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Thank you for your suggestions. Your topic has been moved to Requests and Feedback forum. The Fixing WordPress forum you initially posted in is for those with problems on their own site, not with this .org site. (The new themes UI on your site comes from .org)

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