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  • hi, i had to work with this plugin and must say, i think next time i will choose another one.
    to be honnest, i think it can be enough for a very basic website.
    say you want to make your website available in only two different languages, it should be very easy…
    oh wait, but i want not only translated pages, but also not to have exactly the same layout in different languages (if you offer slightly different services depending on the country).
    this is whre the easy to use feature turns into a nightmare.
    maybe you have noticed syntax is not the same when you switch language, some words may just come in different order, ok, so what?

    well, just try it, as it is free, then, if you like it, stick with it (please don’t make me work with it again^^) and, why not, donate to those who built it, it might encourage them to improve it (i won’t).

    sorry guys for the bitter tone of this review, use your plugin and let’s talk again.

    thanks anyway for the effort.

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  • Plugin Author Ofer Wald


    Wow, thanks for the one star, how very appreciated.

    I will reply to your points one by one.

    Had to work with this plugin, really? was anyone forcing you? feel free to choose other ones, its a free country (might be)

    Regarding different content for different languages, there are solutions for that, but since you didn’t bother to ask, I can’t really help you there.

    Regarding words and order, yup, you do have a point there, again there are some solutions available, and again, you chose to put in this review instead of asking or approaching the support, that’s your call.

    I never ask for donations, I suggest you read the relevant paragraphs, and I guess you never donated to any plugin anyhow, so why will this matter.

    I really wish the moderators of wordpress would have banned one star reviews from people with accounts that are live less than an hour, but I guess that’s life.

    Next time, keep your bitter tone to yourself.

    hi, i did say sorry for the bitter tone, should have made it more obvious.
    since you asked, yes i was forced to use your plugin, did not have a choice, and no time to ask for your help.
    i was first seduced by the simplicity of the process of adding translations, and (i’m pretty sure i wrote that) i think it can work perfectly in various situations (that is to say without having to ask for your help).

    i know it takes time and dedication to come up with any sort of plugin, and must (and am happy to) say thank you for even just doing so.
    other reviewers did point out that when they asked for your help on some matter, you were very quick to respond. and i genuinly believed them.
    do i have to give you stars based on others experiences? i don’t think so.
    my experience was not good, so i gave a review reflecting this.
    about the “people with accounts that are live less than an hour”, maybe some people don’t bother to create an account until they want to post a review, good or bad (why not wish ban five stars reviews as well? oh wait, is it because you’d accept more easily a good review from a newcomer?)

    see, i’m bitter again.
    donate for a plugin, yes, of course, why wouldn’t i? just because i had a terrible time using your plugin and gave a bad review i must be a very bad person never giving credit or money?
    maybe i should have done it without the bitter tone, i did consider it, like “let’s wait ’til morning”, but then thought “tomorrow, i will just want to forget i ever used this plugin, and simply tell the person who did choose it why it was so bad for what we had to do”.
    but, this would allow the same thing to happen again with other people.

    ok, let’s start over:

    1 star only for now:

    i did not have the time to ask for help on some basic issues that i was surprised to encounter with such an ambitious tool, but would be pleased to give five stars next time i use this plugin, which still has some very nice features and shows a lot of good ideas.

    Plugin Author Ofer Wald


    To your points,

    Sorry you were forced into using this, sorry you didn’t bother to ask for help.

    I am against any rating from any accounts that have no credibility, a few posts, some time, who knows. See how the system works at stackoverflow for a good example on this. I couldn’t get reviews from users I helped unless they were actually users, right?

    Regarding the donation, since you were the one mentioning that, I do suggest you read what I say about donations, I guess you didn’t

    Next time, I do suggest you wait for the morning.

    I am fully in favour of getting 1 star reviews, from any user who attempted to use this, and was not able to get help or things got broken for one reason or another. I am not quite sure you’ll even remember the password for this account by next time, and because of the system, even if you change your mind and post a 5 star later in a new account, it will still suck.

    However, thanks for your kind finishing words. I hope you won’t be forced to use this (or anything else) next time.



    Ofer, you could have turned this guy into a believer, but you returned bitter post with snarky response. And, since I came across this thread as someone seeking a translation plugin, you made me think, man, if I have any problems with it, the guy’s going to be snarky with me too. So, probably not…

    Plugin Author Ofer Wald



    I probably could not turn him to anything, I have long abandoned my hope to change people (myself included)

    Regarding me being snarky, or cynic, or just a plain people hater. That’s me, and apparently I am not going to change. At least I don’t judge people without knowing them at all.

    To the point of you not using the product because of my personality, I will only say this is rather stupid. Do you personally know a Mr Gates, or even closer, Mr Mullenwag (which is actually a great person, but does it matter?).
    Have you read about a certain Mr. Jobs (late) that used to park in handicapped parking spaces?

    Yes, I am aware that support is part of the product, but luckily it is rather a small part, try and contact Google at any point and let me know how you fare, it doesn’t keep you from using this right?

    However, what suits you.

    Have fun.

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