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  1. bearqst
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have my gavatar registered and it use to function i.e. show up with a new post just above the post title. (example http://www.johnstons.cc/index.php/land-and-cabins )

    I upgraded to WP 3.1 and now the gavatar(s) do not show up next to new posts. (example http://www.johnstons.cc/index.php/category/interior-alaska )

    My site is a mixed blend of pages and categories in the Menu (defauld menu, not a plugin) and I have tried to find a common factor and the only appearent one is Categories that are listed as "Category Archives:name_of_categor" do not show the gavatar.

    I can not find anyway to correct this. I would like to have the gavatar show on all posts.

    Any ideas appreciated.


  2. bearqst
    Posted 5 years ago #

    As a side note, I did see in the FAQ's on 3.1 that some plugins caused issues and disabled the two that I have that are listed, specifically:

    Share On Facebook


    Visitor Maps and Who's Online

    No change to the issue with these disabled.

  3. bearqst
    Posted 5 years ago #

    More info.

    The post showing the Gavatars are directly related to the Blog-in-Blog plugin. Only the pages using the Blog-in-Blog plugin show my Gavatars, the general site post do not.

    If I disable the Blog-in-Blog plugin then the Gavatars disappear and don't show on any page or post.

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