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    Hello @soulipsyz,

    You can close the TrackShip banner from your Dashboard from click on close icon and Dismiss this notice button. If still showing the banner open the inspect element in your browser and check the console and see if there is any jQuery error in your WordPress admin dashboard.


    Yeah, it doesn’t help closing it with either x or dismiss. It keeps coming back every day… This is really annoying.

    Lol soulipsyz, you really sound childish and disrespectful. Developers take a great amount of work to program what you are using for free. So what if there is a little banners asking to upgrade, close it and move on with your fin’ day. Complain about something that actually matters.



    I join in requesting that you make it stay closed/dismissed instead of keep showing up. I have checked everything on my site and this plugin seems to be the issue. If you want permanent nag screens for this free plugin, that would be your prerogative. However, please make it clear that they will not be removable upon installation. I will see if you can provide an update or solution before I post negative feedback as I know this is a good plugin and requires much time to program. Just want transparency on the plugins that I install and use on customer sites. Thanks.


    Excuse me? This is an advertisement for a DIFFERENT plugin and you’d expect not to have a HUGE banner across the top of every single page in my Admin dashboard that I can’t get rid of.

    Got bother someone else.


    It’s the upgraded version of a free plugin you’re using brah.

    Smoke a bowl, close the banner, and chill out your vibrations.

    Nah I’m good “brah”. You’re welcome to go smoke a big fat pole yourself though.

    Plugin Author zorem


    Hi guys, thank you for standing out for us @slcrider 🙂

    @soulipsyz @jlkiiihotmailcom @armbreakersweden -It seem that there might be a conflict in the JS, from time to time we try to offer our free users with premium add-ons and TrackShip which is our Tracking API on the admin, we will avoid the big massages in the future and implement a simple messages. We plan to release a version tomorrow without this message. In the meanwhile you can immediately solve that by reverting to the previous version (3.04)
    You can download it from here
    Again, we apologies for the inconvenience

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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