• As a site webmaster I was trying this in some of my demo sites but why does it asking me to authenticate an already authenticated email/location every time I’m attempting to login from the same machine? Verification email takes a long time to arrive and when I finally get it the login page gives me an authentication error.
    Recently I needed to show my protected demo sub-sites to prospect clients, after many attempts I wasn’t getting any email. I failed to access it, they got frustrated and I believe I’m not getting the project.

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    Hi fjavier

    It’s unfortunate that you have not contacted us at support@rublon.com prior to writing this review — we’re always glad to help in case anything does not work as expected.

    Did your web browser have cookies enabled? Rublon recognizes trusted devices via cookies, so if they’re not enabled in your web browser or if they get cleaned when you close your web browser, then you’ll have to authenticate through Rublon more often than you should.

    We are using the highest class of email delivery available on the market. What kind of email provider do you use? Our experience shows that in cases of slow email delivery, the reason was always a problem with the user’s email server (it might be overloaded for example and take a long time to process incoming email messages).

    Please send us your domain name and email address to support@rublon.com so that we can investigate this matter. Thank you!

    All the best
    Rublon Team

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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