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  • Hello folks, on my site over at if you scroll near the bottom of the page, there are two blank spaces where the posts are meant to go. Does anyone know why they are there and how can I align them back correctly?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi folks, I’ve resolved it! It seems like the Pinboard Child theme’s functions.php was doubled with the original theme file, so I removed the child theme’s functions.php and everything seems to be normal again!


    UPDATE: Seems like it is not working again.. Anybody, Anyone have any tips please? This is getting annoying, the Pinboard theme now.. Same website as before, thanks.

    This is just a stab in the dark as I am viewing this on a phone but it looks like the issue is related to the number of characters in the excerpt summary.

    Go to Apperance>Editor and open Theme Functions (take a copy before the below change in case of problems)

    Look for these lines

    `if ( ! function_exists( ‘pinboard_excerpt_length’ ) ) :
    * Change the number of words shown in excerps
    * @since Pinboard 1.0
    function pinboard_excerpt_length( $length ) {
    if( pinboard_is_teaser() ) {
    if( has_post_format( ‘aside’ ) )
    return 36;
    return 22;
    } else
    return 50;

    Try changng the return 36 to return 22 see if that helps, or play around with this to see if it makes a change.

    Thanks, I’ll have a look at the functions page. When you viewed my site on your phone, did the first few posts overlap each other?

    Unfortunately that didn’t seem to work. 🙁

    I took a look at the html and i saw there were 10 artical id lines for each of your posts. If you need to fill up the two missing spaces you need to add the artical id and the code for them. you have id 2458 at the top and id 2413 at the bottom. Hope this helps.

    The article id lines are all done automatically by WordPress. I’m guessing because of the “gaps” in the posts that it is also causing my other problem: when you resize the browser to a mobile format, the first few posts on the homepage overlap each other.

    I’ve eliminated the overlapping of the first few posts on the home page by removing the number of full posts to display before grid, but the big gaps are still there.. This is getting pretty frustrating.. Nothing seems to be working atm….

    Ok its the entry title that is causing the issue. If you manually shorten it the boxes are fixed, I will delve into the code later to see if I can find how to set it to a certain number of characters so that it appears something like

    this text example is a header for an artilce….

    same as the summary above, it maybe within the functions php file but until I get to a laptop I cannot check

    Thanks for your reply. The overlapping posts are fixed and there are no spaces near the last few posts on mobile anymore. But there are still gaps in desktop mode. You should see this when you get to a laptop.

    Thanks again.

    It looks to me know matter where you put the posts there is going to be some white space. Im not sure where you want the posts to be.I can download your site in to my editor and take a look but i am not sure where you want the bottom post to be.

    Within your style.css can you try this

    .twothirdcol {

    change to

    .twothirdcol {

    Barry: The posts should be evenly spread out with no gaps in between. It used to be like this; not sure what changed it though..

    deanfp: Didn’t work unfortunately..

    maybe look within the css for the entry margins

    Try finding code like this and reduce the size of the margins

    .onecol .twocol .entry {
    margin: 3.4%;

    .twocol .entry,
    .onecol .threecol .entry,
    #sidebar-boxes .widget,
    .threecol .widget {

    Still gaps in the posts unfortunately.. 🙁

    I’ve tried clearing all cache as well when testing.

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