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  • Hi everybody, I`ve got some problems with WooCommerce, and need your help.

    I`m trying to make some shop via RocketTheme (using Gantry) and WooCommerce.
    Ive installed plugin, checked it - everything worked pretty good. Then I started to customize theme, adding sidebars, etc.
    And when I tested shop again, I faced with a problem: cart page was just broken, all the information moved to footer, and I couldn`t click on smth.

    Then I deleted that page, and created another one – and everything was OK, but then I found out that “To cart” link doesnt work. Then I found out that I didnt set new cart page at the settings (when i re-created the page, I left the same address, /cart). I set the cart page, and faced the same problem – information on the cart page was in the footer, and not clickable.

    Here is my shop page: (it`s in Russian, unfortunately. “To cart” link is on sidebar, called “Просмотр корзины”, and “Checkout” link is called “Оплата”).

    For now, “Cart” page is good, but after you add smth to cart, you cannot get to the “Cart” page (only by typing manually: ), and even if can get there, you cannot make a payment.

    I hope, you can understand what I mean, and help me.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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