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  • Hey I like it, and the content is good – I want one of those screens man! Is that a free theme or did you make it? Maybe you want to go make a logo rather than have a texty one.

    Very nice and clean site. Great job. Where can that cloud of cool be found? If you don’t mind sharing the info that is.

    the theme is a free one though i cannot recall where I got it from. it is called mono-chrome if you want google it.

    the cloud of cool is a plugin called wp-cumulus.

    I am working on a header to replace the text. just trying sort out some me the hosting things and put content up.

    Chnaged this to be more my personal blog with focus on my work as a gaming journalist and random bits of info in it on other things.

    Hi, the thing that concerns me is the text on dark background some people may find it hard to read, are you going to put some graphics on the site?… give it more of an identity this would make a huge difference, with that said its a clean looking site,good stuff.

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    It looks really good, good job phant1m

    Not bad, it looks pretty basic though and I think it could be very improved with a better header. Good content though, and that is what really counts, right.

    I am working on trying to figure out how to place a header in.

    Will work on a way to make text a bit darker also.

    I am still bit unsure how to work this theme so as soon as i can get it figured will do.

    More suggestions pelase 😀

    here’s a few quick suggestions
    1) change the permalinks option and make it more friendly,
    2) link the join me on the sidebar to your about us page

    nice domain 😀

    Nice site. Just one suggestion: change the link hover color to something other than black in the tag cloud. Since the background is black, its really hard to see what’s highlighted.

    I liked the content. I spent about 15 minutes reading. Well done =)

    I just suggest darkening the actual background, maybe black or dark grey.

    Ok will be working on those suggestions now.

    I just wanted to know if you guys would want me to rather post my work on the site or rather link to the people i did work for.

    If anyone got experiance with this theme any help will be appreciated.

    The site really looks good! Nice work!

    I like idea with making post meta in left column.

    unfortunatley have been extremely busy with different things so couldnt do much changes to the blog but have some time and will now slowly change it a bit.

    PLease post comments on site 😀 if you like or want some thing.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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