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  • First off, I like the theme a lot!

    I am using it for (It’s not live yet, it should be live by Sunday).

    The site is subfolder based. Each separate category is essentially it’s own site.

    Each subfolder works well with GamePress within the subfolder, as well as the Nivo Slider propagating the latest featured image into the slider (which I have set to thumbnails).

    I am then using the “WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages” Plugin to propagate the posts to the main site/front page.

    However, at this point the Nivo Slider seems to break.

    Even though the texts of the posts are being shown on the front page with no problem, they are not displaying the featured image associated with them.

    The Nivo slider seems to only pull images from old posts resident on the main site, and not the posts that were added through the MU Sitewide Plugin.

    Unfortunately, I’m about as green as you can get with regard to coding, so I don’t even know what I’m looking for. I would think it would somehow be associated with a db query, but I don’t know enough to even know where to start looking or even if I found it, what it would look like.

    Is GamePress designed to be able to display MU sitewide posts? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Sorry for the length of the question. Please let me know if there’s any information that I can provide to help to resolve this issue.

    Thank you

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