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    I use Gamepress for multiple sites, NONE of which have anything to do with games. I DO use the “video” and “review” post type, though.
    I don’t care what the post type is called, but I DO wabt it to appear as “reviews” NOT “game reviews”.
    Now, I know I can change the code: it’s under /admin/widgets, and takes two minutes to change, but I have to do that every time a new version is released. Annoying.
    I also know that I can create a child theme to get around this, but it seems like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
    I can’t be the only non-gamer using this excellent theme?

    Can’t we have these titles as part of the theme settings? ie customisable?


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  • I’ll say you’re over-thinking about child themes.

    Child themes are best way to keep your modifications.

    And I think there’s no alternative available except that.

    Unless the author decides to add the feature?



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    Why would an author of a games theme want to remove the word “game” from “game reviews”?

    I didn’t say REMOVE it.
    I asked if it could be made customisable.
    I can’t be the ONLY non-gamer using such an excellent theme?
    Making the titles editable would broaden the appeal of the theme.

    Anyway, I’ve gone the “Child Theme” route, at least for now.
    But that means my theme isn’t called GamePress any more..

    Theme Author alex27


    Actually it’s been on my todo list for GamePress, since you’re not the first person asking for this. But right now I can’t tell when the next update will be out.

    Thanks, Alex!

    Theme Author alex27


    Hi! I was looking into this widget and I realized that it doesn’t say Game Reviews, it just says Reviews (and you can review anything you want). It doesn’t say Game Reviews anywhere on the front end, so your users probably don’t know it’s a gaming theme. Unless I misunderstood you altogether and you want to be able to change the Custom Post Type name on the back end?

    it’s in admin\recent-posts-widget.php

    it says: else: _e('No game reviews yet.','gamepress');

    Since I only had videos, not reviews, it was annoying each time I upgraded to the next version.

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    Oh, ok. Actually I was thinking about removing empty tabs altogether 🙂

    “Oh, ok. Actually I was thinking about removing empty tabs altogether :)”

    I Hadn’t thought of that.. I just wasn’t thinking BIG enough.

    Excellent idea!

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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