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  1. CodySP
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello good people of WordPress!

    I recently started using the WPNow theme "Gamenow" though it looks stunning in the screenshots, I seem to be having a major issue with CSS attributes, which have gone untouched.

    Here's what it's supposed to look like <img src="http://cptgaming.net/images/467f8a625762b279aaa4.png">

    And here's what I have

    <img src="http://cptgaming.net/images/24889e1e25af3cfd2c74.png">

    I've been working away at this for days now and I'm incredibly frustrated. I've gotten to the point where I ask if there is anyone willing to configure this theme, they would have my sincerest gratitude.

    Any other help would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Kind regards,


  2. I'm sorry, but that's a commercial theme and we don't support those here. Please try that vendor's support link instead.


    Part of what you paid for when you purchased that theme was for support from them. You may as well exercise that option.

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