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    Hello, i just have installed the plugin. Looks nice, but i cannot make any good looking structuer for my games.
    You can check the picture what i mean. Is there a way to make such structure of the games? Something like little pictures and play button on it and some tags below? I do see a screenshot option in this plugin, but i don’t get the meaning of it. You cannot add link to it, so it would open the embed play code of the game.
    Adding the screenshot like this, doesn’t start the game too… I cannot get how this plugin works or there is no way doing such order like the top picture?
    And my other questions, is there a way to change the height and width of the uploaded swf files, cuz it’s easy when it’s embed, but dunno how to make it with uploaded ones.

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    Hi Qnkov,

    At the moment Arcade Ready is primarily meant to embed and include the games in the body of regular posts and pages, and as part of that does not have its own way to display games like in the first screenshot. So I think that your use is a little bit more than my plugin can do for you at the moment, I’ll try to explain:

    The purpose of Arcade Ready is to provide a very simple way to embed games that can be customized by themes and widgets. The options to customize are however very limited without doing some actual coding at this stage as its still a very early version and I’m trying to get a feel for what people want the most.

    While it is possible to do what you are looking for, it would require some custom work to your theme or a little simpler: making for example a page manually that links to posts that has games embedded. Doing this is a bit cumbersome at the moment, and would require someone with a bit of coding experience with WP.

    I do have plans of implementing some built in ways to achieve this as part of a larger update down the line, but unfortunately it will be a while before I can do that.

    As for getting the game itself to show (your second screenshot):
    First click the “Show Games List” button.
    Then click the game you want to display to expand the embed codes.
    And finally click the first button.

    That should paste a shortcode like so: [ARgame game=”5722″] which will display the game itself.

    As for the width, it is auto and will expand to 100% of the container it is inside (based on your theme) and the height will be adjusted to maintain the correct proportions. So you can adjust it by adding the game embed shortcode in a container that you set to a specific width with css. Example:

    <div style="width:100px;">[ARgame game="5722"]</div>
    (Paste the above in the “text” editor, not the “visual” editor).

    In the future AR will be able to do all that you are looking for, but at the moment it is a little bit outside the scope of the functions the plugin has at this point. Knowing that it is something people are interested in certainly also helps me decide what to do next, So your questions are very helpful to me as well!

    I hope I was able to help you a little bit, even though it wasn’t the best news I had for you.


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    Thanks, waiting for the changes i’m looking for.

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