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  • Hi.

    I have been using Nextgen Gallery for a number of years, rather happily.

    I have just noticed that the gallery settings on my blog have changed (e.g. this post:

    My galleries used to work in such a way that when clicking on an image, that image would open in front of the respective post, showing its caption below and “next” or “previous” arrows on the right and left. Now, the images simply open as new pages, with no captions.

    My global Nextgen setting is to use show galleries as “Nextgen Basic Image Browser” with the template “NextGEN: album-extend.php”.

    What am I doing wrong?



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  • Right, I still need help.

    I can now identify 2 problems:

    1) The problem I observe only applies on my own computer (Firefox, Linux). When I click on a thumbnail in a gallery, it opens as a new page with no cation or arrows. When I use my colleague’s computer (firefox, Windows), the image show up in front of the pagem with captions and arrows showing properly. Any idea what might cause this?

    2) Something has happened to the column structure. All my galleries are meant to be divided in 3 columns. However, I end up with a row of 2 thumbnails, then a single one, then 2 again, and so on. Can anyone help?



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    @hkhall – Troubleshooting to your specific computer makes for a very problematic situation as that can lead to so many different variables.

    I would suggest browser cache clearing, or even a different browser to see if it can be further fine tuned to be a specific browser under the particular linux operating system you are using.

    As to the second issue, this is generally a combination of setting a specific column, the size of your thumbnails, and the theme’s content area (as well as any related CSS that it may be applying).

    You can set your columns to zero (0) this will then automatically set the columns to fit within the content area, you can adjust your (default) thumbnails to be smaller, or possibly add some Custom CSS to adjust the image sizes … or possibly even adjustments to the theme.

    – Cais.

    Hi Cais.

    Thanks for that. Setting the columns to 0 appears to have worked, with the exception of one post (here). Why that one behaves differently is a mystery to me.

    Regarding the other issue, just to clarify: On most computers, clicking on a nextgen thumbnail opens that gallery without changing the address in the browser bar. On mine, it actually changes to a different page, on the lines of


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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