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  • Just upgraded to 2.61 and I love the new media upload and gallery option!

    I usually post multiple pictures and now its really easy to:

    1. Upload 5-7 images at once
    2. Arrange the image order in the gallery
    3. Insert entire gallery into post with one “Insert Gallery” click.

    I was wondering if there is any way for the individual image descriptions to be displayed into a post when using the “[gallery]” option?

    My goal is to able to write descriptions for individually selected images, directly in the media gallery “show” option box and then have be displayed in the post.

    This way we could still have detail excerpts, not captions, discussing each of the selected images in a post and still be able to it using the Insert Gallery [gallery] option.

    I know this could be done individually without the gallery option, if I insert each of the photos directly without using the [gallery], I just thought I’d ask since the captions are displayed that way.

    Thanks in advance.

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