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    Hello! New guy here and my first post 🙂

    I’m setting up a WordPress blog for a buddy of mine and this is my first experience with WordPress. This will be a blog with a number of pictures and I wanted the ability to comment on each photo so I’m trying to get Gallery2 working with the Suffusion theme and am having just a small issue that is probably something simple but I’m not good with CSS and not familiar with WordPress so am hoping somebody has run into this before and will have a quick easy fix for me 🙂

    Here is the site…

    Now, when I want to view the Gallery, it inserts Gallery2 but then the right block menu block starts UNDER the gallery. Looks like something is a little too wide or possibly one little setting or piece of code is off…

    Any help would be appreciated! I know it is probably something I need ot modify somewhere in the CSS but am asking here because I don’t know what file or where to even begin looking so if some of you guys more familiar with this can point me in the right direction as to what looks like might be wrong, it would be much apprecaited. Thanks!

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  • Ok… I don’t think it is a width problem. I changed the width of the Gallery2 theme to be a bit smaller and it is still putting the entire right block under the Gallery. Hmm?

    Since you posted this on Suffusion’s support forum as well, I have responded to you there.

    Thank you so much sayontan! I posted here first then noticed the support forum for the theme. I tried what was suggested but still seeing the same results. I’ll post only in the support forum then repost back here when resolved.

    Thanks again for the quick reply and great support. Love the theme!

    Got things fixed 🙂 I ended up having to change the page width under the theme settings from 1000 to 1040. Not exactly sure why 1000 wouldn’t work (the Gallery width was set lower than the main display area width) but the 1040 fixed the issue.

    Thanks much for the great support and great theme!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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