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  • A two icon gallery, (my social media buttons) stopped showing up on the header widget of the front page anymore. They show on every other page though. I deactivate “WP Gallery Custom Links” and the gallery comes back on the front page. Any ideas why?

    I’m developing this site on my localhost so I don’t have a URL. If need be I can transfer to a staging site.


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  • I have the exact same problem. Gallery works on an internal page but nothing shows on the home page in a widget. Disabling the plug-in solves the display problem on the home page but I need those images to link to a page.

    Strangely the gallery showed back up on my home page a couple days later.

    This was a site I was building so I had already pulled a backup and starting working on that one since I couldn’t figure the problem out.

    If anyone has a solution, I would still love to know


    I also tried backing out of the latest versions of WordPress and Genesis but the gallery is still not displaying.

    Do you have a link where I can see your galleries (assuming they’re visible)? If you copy and paste that gallery shortcode into a page (ie not in a widget) does it show up on that page, and not in the widget? Can you tell me what version of php you’re running in what environment, and/or who your web host is? I’ve heard reports of this pop up from time to time, but it seems to happen randomly and is very difficult to fix if it’s not reliably reproducible, but maybe your info could help track it down.

    @fourlightsweb – I disabled the plug-in for the moment because it’s on a live site but I can try to describe the situation.

    If the gallery shortcode is pasted into a page, the plug-in works great and the images link to the pages I have assigned to them.

    If the gallery shortcode is on the homepage (so, in a widget) then the gallery doesn’t show up at all.

    FWIW, when I originally set up the site late last year, everything worked perfectly and only recently broke so I wonder if it is a conflict with another plug-in I updated or the latest WordPress version.

    The site is hosted with Dreamhost, using php 5.6. I am running Genesis 2.2.6 and WordPress 4.4.1.

    I hope that helps! Thanks.

    So it sounds like the problem is some kind of conflict with something specifically on your homepage (sorry, I missed reading that before). Could you try making a new page (where theoretically the gallery with links works) and then building a copy of the homepage a piece at a time to try to see at what point it stops working?

    Sure. It will likely be next week before I can get to it but I will keep you posted. Thanks!

    I’m having this exact same problem. The galleries everywhere else are working just fine, but the three image gallery on my homepage has suddenly disappeared. It worked just fine for months. In fact it was working just fine yesterday.

    I’m curious. Are you guys on Genesis sites?

    Mine was on a Genesis site. It came back and hasn’t disappeared again. Very strange.

    Yes, I am using Genesis. I don’t doubt your theory but why would it suddenly stop working when it’s been just fine for months? How did you make yours return?

    As I stated above I am using Genesis. I just reactivated the plug-in and the homepage gallery disappeared again. I also tried deactivating my other plug-ins to check for conflicts but that didn’t work either.

    Like @tbaleta, the gallery worked fine for months and then just disappeared. But only on the home page. Very strange.

    FWIW, I found a temporary workaround by linking the image caption to the page I wanted but it’s not the same as having the actual image link.

    Mine just starting working again

    I just tested with the Genesis theme, and when I first added the gallery, it didn’t show up. I did a view source when it was missing, and the html (links, images, everything) was all there, but the images where invisible. When I re-saved the page a second time, the gallery started showing up. Since the gallery came back after I re-saved I wasn’t able to test further, but maybe this is somehow css or cache-related? I haven’t been able to get it to disappear again since it appeared.

    Mine happened to be on a manually created home page. (front-page.php) and the gallery was put in a widget. No page to really save. I tried creating another text widget with the code in it and save the widget and that didn’t seem to help. I had no caching plugin either.

    Actually, the above may have been due to some columns not clearing, in which case the gallery was showing up. For anyone who is not seeing the gallery, is the html present if you do a view source? And if so are all the images there, including their custom links?

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