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    Hi. Just started trying to use NextGen and have some questions/issues:

    1. Gallery title or description don’t display. I would have thought that the gallery title and or description would show up on the page, They don’t and I don’t see an option to turn them on/off

    2. Image file names appear. I don’t really want the image files names showing under the photo. I saw some other threads about this.

    3. Captions: I want to post captions for some photos. I tried typing in the description fields but that text doesn’t show up on the published page. So how do I get captions on photos to show up?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    ok well I found the Caption template and that displays the “description” text on the thumbnails but not on the photo when you click on it.

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    Hi @rhodesengr,

    It seems to me that there are a couple of JS errors that are preventing the lightbox to be triggered since the lightbox requires JS to load.

    Please try deactivating all of your plugins, clearing your browser cache (and site caches if you are using a caching plugin), then reactivating the NextGEN Gallery plugin(s).

    If this fixes the problem it was likely one of the deactivated plugins causing the issue. Now, retrace your steps activating each plugin (one at a time) and re-checking to see if the problem returns. If it does then that last activated plugin was probably the one. Keep reactivating the plugins as it is also best to keep checking after each plugin. Sometimes there may be more than one plugin on a site that will create an issue. If you do find one (or more) plugins causing this problem, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on them so that our developers can address them.

    Also to note, in rare cases, it may be the theme itself that is causing a conflict so while you have just the NextGEN plugin activated, you might consider temporarily switching to one of the WordPress Twenty series themes and see if this corrects the issue.

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    well that sounds like a lot of work. I also found some other odd behavior. In the slideshow view, changing images seemed intermittent. When I click on the gallery, sometimes I get an image with arrows to click through the images and sometimes I don’t. Viewing on a phone never shows the arrows so once you click on the gallery you can only see that one image.

    I may just try a different plugin or forget about galleries altogether.



    Hi @rhodesengr

    Apologies, let’s address each question separately, we are happy to help!

    Lightbox Effect
    Some clients want to show their titles; some of them want to show their descriptions.
    Here is a list of our current Free NextGen Gallery Lightbox Effects and what they use as their main “Caption”:

    • SimpleLightbox: Title.
    • Fancybox: Description.
    • Shutter: Description.
    • Shutter reload: Description.
    • Thickbox: Description.
    • NextGen Pro Lightbox (Available in NextGen Gallery Pro or Plus only): Both.

    More information about our available lightboxes here:
    Note: NextGen Pro Lightbox is not included in our Free version.

    The problem you are probably experiencing might be related to some sort of conflict.
    There is a new plugin that you can install to test for existing conflicts really quickly “Health Check & Troubleshooting” https://wordpress.org/plugins/health-check/

    Nevertheless, here are some steps if you want to test for existing conflicts in your end:

    1.- Temporarily deactivate all your plugins except NextGen Gallery.
    2.- Is the problem solved? Then, it was caused by one of your plugins. Please check one by one and find the one causing the problem.
    3.- If the problem is not solved with the deactivation of the plugins, try changing to a standard WordPress theme, it could be a conflict with your current theme.

    We understand if you want to change how you are going to displays your galleries, but in case you have the opportunity to perform your troubleshooting, please keep us posted.

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