• I am trying to add a gallery title just above the thumbnails, where it usually has [slideshow]. I have searched online and read all that i could but none of the things i have tried seem to work with the new version of Nextgen gallery.

    I have tried tired this:

    <?php $album = nggdb::find_album( get_query_var('album') ); ?>
    <?php $gallery = nggdb::find_gallery( get_query_var('gallery') ); ?>
    <h1><?php echo $album->name?><?php echo " - ", $gallery->title?></h1>

    and variation of it. Even just using: <?php echo " - ", $gallery->title?> which is all I really want.

    How can I add a gallery title there to each gallery?
    Thank you for any and all help!!



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  • I’m having this same problem. Were you able to resolve it?

    I have not been able to find an answer. All answers of this type do not reflect the 2.0 only the previous builds of NextGen.

    There Has to be some way to accomplish this.

    I managed to get the gallery title on the page using information from this post Not quite what I was looking for but works for now. Hope this helps.

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