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  • Confirmed as Podpress 8.8 plugin issue – thanks.

    Any more info than that? Is there a fix? I really need both working on my site. I have to do the resizing manually right now and upload them through http://FTP…it‘s really inconvenient.

    Ahh, at least I found the answer quickly! I too need to be able to insert various sized images as well as use podpress … any further developments on this?

    BUMP for this! 🙂 Having the same issue with podPress conflicting with the image resize.

    Might be time to give up on podpress once and for all. I am having the same image size problems and its just not worth debugging PodPress at this point. It’s become encumbered shit over the years of neglect and I have no faith. offers a way to continue using your existing podpress enclosures with no real work. The other seemingly good option is

    Thanks for the recommendation, Jeremy!!!!

    But what if you’re not using PodPress?

    PodPress isnt the only thing that causes this to happen.

    If PHP runs out of memory while creating the other sizes it will do the same thing. I may get an out of memory error on line 147 of image.php, you may not. But thats whats going on. Try uploading smaller images or increase your GD library memory in PHP.

    I also had to install the php-gd library which is used by WordPress to resize the images. Tested on 2.7.1.

    If you have access, on CentOS or RedHat you can run:

    yum install php-gd

    *Note: There was also mention of ImageMagick needing to be installed, but that did not solve the problem.

    I’m having this exact problem, however, I don’t use PodPress. I’ve deactivated each and every plugin to no avail.

    Good one!
    I tried to put a video and to don’t go through searching plugins i activated podpress and then i had no idea why my galleries turned on into a big chaos.
    And i was in a total blur, im not so advanced with wordpress.

    Thank you guys and keep posting good stuff to help blondes like me 😀

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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