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  • I’ve been playing with the nextGEN Gallery but can’t seem to make this work…

    Does anyone know of a gallery plug-in that can link thumbnails to specific posts? As opposed to linking to the image location. I have tried to do this with the WP Gallery but I need a caption underneath each thumbnail which it doesn’t seem to want to do!

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Hi, it depends on how you want this to work. AWSOM Pixgallery has a feature that automatically makes links under images IF that image is named for the date of the post you want to link to (this is part of the ComicPress theme support built into AWSOM Pixgallery). So if you name your image say 04122008.jpg then Pixgallery will make a link under that image that goes to the post(s) that were posted on that day. This is to allow news/image cross posting automatically. This feature is optional and needs to be turned on in the options/setting area of Pixgallery.

    Of course you can add individual image and gallery captions using Pixgallery and just put a link there also, but that’s a manual process as opposed to the above automatic one.

    Thanks for the reply – although I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for.

    I basically need thumbnails in a gallery on say “page 2” to link to a post that has been created beforehand – just one thumbnail mind – not the whole lot. It’s basically so the user can navigate to a “page 2”, see a photo and when clicking on it, be directed to a post about the image they have just clicked on.

    Does that make sense!? I’m probably not explaining myself very well!



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