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  • Hi! I must say I LOVE zAlive! Very easy to customize, great color scheme, and very nice looking in general. I’ve been working on setting up a new site with it and did run into a bit of a snag I was hoping you could help me with.

    I’m using the Gallery plugin to build a photo gallery page, and I noticed that for *only* that page (when I actually have galleries displayed) the sidebar shifts down, under the gallery thumbs ( I played around a bit in the gallery-template.php file, trying to get the sidebar back where it belongs, but the best I could seem to manage was removing it (yeah, it’s a lazy day). I *suspect* that something in the gallery template is stepping on a float somewhere, but I’m not sure where…any pointers? I’ll keep poking as time allows and provide a patch if I find it.


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  • Theme Author zenoven


    well, I checked your template source code, there’re 2 children divs with #container and #sidebar, but in zAlive original template files these are #main and #sidebar.

    You should writre some CSS code to #container like what #main did or just replace #container with #main

    Ok. Thank you for looking at the source. I’ll just replace #container with #main and try that, since it sounds like that brings the template in line with what you originally coded. Not sure where #container came from as I didn’t alter the template until after I started having the problem (unless maybe Gallery altered it?).

    If I end up going the CSS route, is there an acceptable place to override the stock CSS in WordPress? Sorry for such a basic question…I’m coming to WP from Drupal, which definitely had a specific way to override base themes:).

    Thanks again!


    Theme Author zenoven


    If you just want to writer some CSS code, copy your customized CSS code to the ‘Custom CSS style’ area in theme options page, this is quite easy.

    Or if you want to make changes to other files you can use a child theme

    And this thread maybe helpful

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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