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  • On the previous version of WordPress I had, I could upload images and a “gallery” tab would show up that would allow me to embed a table of thumbnails.

    On the new version of WordPress, I upload the images and no “gallery” tab appears

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  • WP 2.7. Same here. I have to click the Media tab after uploading to get the Gallery tab to display.

    Furthermore, after inserting a gallery and saving a post, I get an intermittent problem of no images showing up on the post. When I open the Media Center again, it shows no gallery for the post, though the images are in the Media tab. No gallery tab displays though, so I have to delete the images, then re-upload them, and re-insert the gallery.

    All of these extra steps are slowing me down. Any fixes available for these gallery issues?

    The Gallery seems to fail on almost every first attempt now. After I upload images and click Save Changes, the Gallery tab appears and I can add a gallery as usual. But, when I view the post, there are no images. When I open the Media Library again, the Gallery tab is gone again, but the images are listed under Media Library. The only way to get the Gallery tab back is to delete the images and do the upload again. I’m able to insert the Gallery without errors every time on the second attempt, but only about 25% of the time on the first attempt.

    The gallery tab does not show up for me AT ALL. Any new word on this?

    same issue here…
    i’ve to use [gallery] shortcode to insert gallery with WP 2.8 🙁

    ME either no tab at all, was fine in 2.7.1, but upgraded to 2.8 and it was gone (plus 2.8 was buggy as hell) tried 2.8.1 beta 1 and still no go with the gallery tab.?????? Anyone?

    Hi all,
    I’ve been having the same problems with the gallery tab as well.
    Seemed to work just fine in 2.7 and had no problems creating/viewing/inserting gallery.
    Updated last night to 2.8.1 and successfully created a post with a gallery. Tried posting this morning to insert another gallery and now the gallery tab has strangely gone missing in Firefox. However, if I pull it up in IExplore (of ALL browsers to work..) it seems to work fine (or at least the gallery tab shows up, let’s not talk about IE’s other problems) and I am then able to refresh posts in Firefox and the gallery tab pops up.
    There seem to be quite a few people with this same problem.
    Any word on how to resolve this? Besides loading in IE (gag) and then refreshing posts?

    I have to save my post as a draft first before uploading images, then it seems to work in FF. Totally lame though wordpress 2.8.

    Hi all. I have finally figured it out. The way to get your gallery tab to appear you first should name your post (this can be changed later if you want)next Click on the save draft button. Now when you go to select image files and then save them (do not insert into post at this time). You should now have a gallery tab at the top of the page. From this point you can either add more photos/edit photos or insert the entire gallery into your post. I make a point of clicking on the button labeled “save changes” often after every change I make.

    I hope this helps everyone out. I know it drove me crazy for a long time.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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