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  • Hi everybody!

    I am working on a wordpress-based website for some months now and the last item missing is a gallery plugin. I tried Exhibit (didn’t work, but doesn’t seem to be what I am looking for either), the Gallery thing is nice but I want something more simple.
    What I hope to find:
    » A simple gallery plugin (upload func. not neccessary)
    » Devidable in albums (or similar)
    » Creating thumbs
    » eventually a comment function for the pictures

    Is there something like this? If not, any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Do you use Picasa2? If so, WPicasa might be something to look at. I use it.

    Thanks, but actually I am looking for a WordPress plugin 😉

    Picasa from google?

    Neoflox, i really recommend you to try lazy gallery at

    It’s very easy to use, even you don’t have too much html knowledge.

    WPicasa is a WP plugin, but of no use if you are not using Picasa.

    i see, never tried picasa before, but the best gallery page I saw so far in wordpress blog is IanD’s. I’ve forgotten his link, but his gallery is just sooooo beautiful

    Thank you stchatterbox – search terminated! Lazy gallery is exactly what I want for the page!

    I just tried this and it is great. Thank you stchatterbox!

    yup, it is great, and i think, if the following feature is added, it’ll be perfect!
    -a thumbnail for each album with short description on the gallery page
    -a caption for each picture
    -a flash slishow option

    do you thiknk so, jwurster?

    Those additions would make it that much better. The other thing that would good and help you manage the plugin better would be to change the the variables via the Options menu rather than by editing the php file directly.

    I have it on my blog now in my sidebar. It is a great way to display your photographs. I think I will also keep the WPicasa plugin to give an alternative way of viewing my photographs in a Post or Page format. There is benefit to both.

    I am truly amazed at how talented WP users are. Thanks to everyone who contributes to making WP better each and every day.

    Hi all,

    I just installed this gallery plugin, and came up with these errors:

    Warning: opendir({dir}/redlens/journal/gallery/images/): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in {dir}/redlens/brooks/journal/wp-content/plugins/lazy-gallery.php on line 96

    Warning: opendir({dir}/redlens/journal/gallery/images/): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in{dir}/redlens/brooks/journal/wp-content/plugins/lazy-gallery.php on line 186

    The two things found on these lines is as follows:

    Line 96: if ($dir_content = opendir($gallery_root.$currentdir)) {

    and Line 186: if ($dir_content = opendir($gallery_root.$currentdir)) {

    Has anyone seen this before? Thanks

    i got some similar errors when i first install this plugin, and when i fix the problems below, i got it fine.

    see if you have fixed these problems below:
    remember to change your code in lazy-gallery.php
    // Your gallery folder (this is where your pictures and picture folders are located).
    $gallery_address = '/wordpress/wp-gallery/';

    Note /wordpress/wp-gallery/
    if the directory of your blog is blog, change wordpress to blog, if it's wp, then wp, or whatever.

    and make a folder, call it wp-gallery inside your blog's folder, but NOT Plugin folder.

    and i think that's it.

    Ok, stchatterbox, I tried that, but nothing. The same message still appears. I don’t know enough about PHP to know what the “($dir_content = opendir($gallery_root.$currentdir)) {” call is supposed to do. (might it have something to do with the $currentdir variable?) Any other ideas, stchatterbox or anyone else would be greatly appreciated!

    well, i don’t think you’d need to fix those stuffs, lazy boy had made that plugin as easy to use as possible.

    i shall admit, though, sometimes, these plugins had some mysteries! a minute ago, i install wordspew and something strange happens, i can’t submit a message and the whole look of the box looks strange!

    i install again, upload everything once more to my server, and the thing works!

    maybe try to delete everything of the plugin, and try to upload again and see it.

    good luck this time!

    All right, I got those errors to dissapear. Simple fix, stupid oversight, you know the drill. However, I still have an issue with the page not being formatted like my site in any way shape or form. Any quick ideas on what I have wrong?
    Can be seen here…

    rum gallery is really cool

    just doesnt have the ability to add comments for each image or album

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