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  • I am trying to insert a new gallery into an article, and utilize the new slideshow feature built into the latest version of WordPress (i.e. not from an outside plugin). When I go to preview the article, it states “This slideshow requires JavaScript” and all I see is a black bar.

    I have the latest version of JavaScript installed on my computer. Is there an additional plugin I need to install to be able to use the Gallery Slideshow feature built into WordPress?

    My other guess is maybe the slideshow doesn’t show up for some reason in preview mode?

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  • Anyone have any guidance on how to correct this issue?

    I use the basic 2010 Weaver theme.

    Javascript isn’t something you install on your computer, it’s entirely different from Java.

    That said, could you post a link to your site? Have you tried using the default theme or to check if your theme author has released an update? It could be a theme conflict.

    The specific article referencing the Gallery Slideshow has not gone live yet, but our site in general is

    So far our theme (2010 Weaver) is up-to-date with updates.

    Never mind. As I suggested, the slideshow must not show during the preview mode, because as soon as the article went live, it worked fine.

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