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  • in short, HOW to insert an image in a post, without associating it with that post’s gallery?

    in long, I think the gallery shortcode is a pretty impressive leap forward in the handling of thumbnails and image content for blogs.

    however I’m a little confused. maybe someone out there can explain to me, is it possible to NOT include some images uploaded to a post in that post’s respective gallery? say i want to include an image at the top, or one further towards the end, but to have the main ‘gallery’ in the middle. is this even possible? i can’t seem to separate an uploaded image from the post gallery!!
    isn’t aiding me in my quest.

    any ideas? thanks.

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  • bump.

    want to have a header image in the post, as well as use WordPress’ gallery function, but want to NOT include the header image in the gallery.

    is this possible?

    I agree, often I want a headline image at the top of a post with a gallery at the end… but the headline image is always repeated in the gallery…

    I also haven’t figured out how to un-link a photo from a post once linked…


    seriously this has to be possible. the gallery manager should have a way to un-associate an image with the gallery, no?

    I haven’t tried it myself, but I think the plugin discussed here should help you!

    sounds about right. it’s a shame the MFields website that hosts the plugin has dead links to the download. maybe fixed soon. in the meantime, any other ideas, anybody?

    I’m not usually able to contirubte anything to these forums becasue I know so little. However, if you want to publish a gallery which is separate from other images on the same post there is a simple workaround.

    If you upload the gallery images and insert them as a gallery and then upload the separate pictures to separate posts ( which you don’t publish) you can then insert the individual images from the media library as normal without disturbing the gallery layout.

    Well, it might be a solution, although you could end up with hundreds of unpublished posts – if you publish lots of pictures.
    The plugin mentioned above, has an “exclude” parameter, to not include certain images into the displayed gallery.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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