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    When you visit any of my gallery pages the enlarged image never loads until you click on any thumbnails. Any idea what’s the cause of it? Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot it? I noticed the gallery loaded when I turned on the theme’s maintenance mode.

    Thanks for such a great theme. Cheers.

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  • Theme Author Towfiq I.


    this should be fixed in the new version of the theme. which will be available for download in next few days.

    Thank you very much. Working like new again!

    One question about the gallery, any tips or code for making the portrait photos auto adjust to the window size? Landscape images are perfect but portraits are adjusted by the max-width tag which means the height goes out of the window.

    My original technique was in manipulating the max-height tag but it doesn’t do the job for me any more. Any ideas?

    Ugh, I hate to say this but, the missing gallery… well the large image doesn’t load and has very strange behavior. I hope I can explain it clearly.

    After installing the update, I went to clean up some of adjustments in the theme’s Custom CSS and started playing with ways to make portrait cropped images adjust heigh-wise (as I asked above). After a while I went to try it on my phone (Android’s stock browser). Hmn, the same issue I had originally with only the thumbnails loading.

    I clicked on a my different gallery pages, same result. I must have clicked an image or reloaded the page because it eventually had an image for that one gallery.

    I tried this with Safari (I don’t use it so I reset the cache and all), same results as my phone. I then removed all my Custom CSS. Tried again, same result. Nada. However, when I reload a page BAM, the large image loads.

    Incase you’re curious, the following is the exact custom CSS I have on, nothing that I could tell even when removing it had an effect on the Gallery bug:

    /*Fixes portrait height to match viewport height*/
    /*Make Me more compact*/
    div.single_post {padding: 1%;}
    .logo h1 a,.logo h2 a{font-size: 40px!important;}
    .logo h1,.logo h2{margin:0px!important;}
    #topmenu ul li a {font-size: 26px!important;}
    .header4 .current-menu-item {background:#000!important;
    /*Page Title shrinkage*/
    h1.postitle {margin: 0px;!important;font-size:26px!important;
    /*Hide It*/
    #footer .widgets .widget {margin:0px!important;float:none!important;display:inline-block;}
    .untitled div.widget_wrap{padding:0 10px!important;}

    I appreciate the assistance.

    Theme Author Towfiq I.


    Its a bug. will be fixed in the next version. You can fix it by following this steps:

    Replace all the code of your asteria/js/gallery.js with the code you find here:

    if you cannot access the js/gallery.js file, install this plugin:

    and go to Appearance> SC theme Editor and click the “js” from right and select gallery.js file.


    Hello – I tried replacing the code in the js/gallery.js file, but the height of the gallery images still does not adjust accordingly. Are there any more suggestions? Thanks for this amazing interface by the way. I love it!

    Theme Author Towfiq I.


    try replacing the gallery.js code with this:

    Thank you! Nope – still doesn’t work 🙁 I’m using chrome…maybe it’s the browser? My images that are landscape are fine, but if they are portrait they just display to large to see without scrolling up/down.

    Theme Author Towfiq I.


    send me the link of your gallery.

    Your manual Gallery fix for my initial issue (images not loading) works like a charm. Thankfully your suggest plugin, sc theme made it a cinch. Thank you very much.

    Like NWalter said the only thing missing from your fancy gallery is auto-adjusting the height for portrait images. I can’t seem to figure out a way to do it through CSS but maybe you have a better approach.


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